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NikiRenee Tue, Apr-07-20 10:29

Carrying around a cinder block
This morning, I finally made it in the 270ís. Iíve lost a total of 33 pounds since January 6.

Did you know that a cinder block weighs 33 pounds?

Hard to believe I was abusing my body carrying around that every day all day long.

Ms Arielle Tue, Apr-07-20 21:31

Well done!

esw Wed, Apr-08-20 01:34

Well done. It's amazing that we cope, when we put the amount of weight lost or to lose into something concrete.

thud123 Wed, Apr-08-20 07:51

It's weird tho how the body can do it, it helps that the fat, water and muscle are distributed so that it can. We are a marvel of nature; Thin, Thick or Other.

dk_Swan Fri, May-01-20 10:11

Wow, that really puts things into perspective! You're doing great.

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