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anthonym25 Wed, May-30-12 17:38

My Transformation and story

Well I started on January 20th and to be honest I've stuck with induction till this day. I've kept it under 20 carbs a day and those carbs are only from veggies. I did have my occasional cheat meal once a week but I tried to keep it to every two weeks but my cheat meal usually consisted of popcorn or ice cream. I only worked out 3 times in the first 3 months but I'm really going at it now and looking forward to next months progress pics. Glad to be a a part of this forums. Feel free to ask me any questions if u like.

gbell1 Thu, May-31-12 17:47

wow sounds like you are doing great - keep up the good work

anthonym25 Fri, Jun-01-12 03:48

I dont see my image and im having issues uploading one ugh help anyone?

anthonym25 Fri, Jun-01-12 04:30

Originally Posted by gbell1
wow sounds like you are doing great - keep up the good work

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!! its definitely been a journey LOL

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