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Dodger Tue, Jan-25-22 09:01

I've been low-carbing for 20 years!
It doesn't seem that long ago to me.
Before I tried reducing my carb intake, I was doing the low-fat dieting regime and finding that my weight was not really going down, my blood chemistry was getting worse, I was on more prescription drugs and my food tasted horrible.
My physician, who had originally put me on low-fat, suggested that I switch to low-carb eating. I resisted at first but he then gave me a copy of Gary Taubes' article "What if It's All Been a Big Fat Lie" and my thinking about not eating fat started to change. My physician then gave me a glucose tolerance test which showed that my blood glucose was within limits but my insulin level was extremely high to keep the glucose down. I was definitely on the way to diabetes.
Once I decided to switch from low-fat to low-carb, I got the book (Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution) and started doing the induction phase. I went through all my cabinets and got rid of all the bread, pasta, rice, flour, etc. that I no longer could eat. I was surprised at how many bags of brown rice I had.
I started losing weight and my food tasted much better. I didn't limit myself on how much to eat, just ate until I was full.
After the induction phase was over, I tried slowly increasing my carb intake but found that I started gaining weight so I went back to the induction carb level. I didn't miss eating carbs and I really enjoyed the higher fat foods.
After about 6 weeks, I noticed that my bicycling speeds had increased on the climbs and I felt more energetic.
At my next blood draw, all my lipids had improved and my blood glucose was lower.
I ended up losing 55 pounds and going off all the prescription drugs. I have continued to eat, more or less, at the Atkin's induction level in the years since although I have used parts of the Keto and Paleo plans in food choices.
I have recently added the 8-16 fasting idea into my eating, so I am mostly doing a Keto intermittent-fasting eating plan.
I still have my weight at the 55-pound loss level and my blood chemistry is great. My fasting blood glucose is low and my fasting insulin level is very low. My LDL particles are of the large variety, my HDL level is twice my triglyceride level and I still feel very energetic. I still don't miss eating carbs.

cotonpal Tue, Jan-25-22 11:55

Great work Mike! I too have been on this journey for around 2 decades and I can't imagine going back to how I used to eat. I too don't miss eating carbs.

Bob-a-rama Tue, Jan-25-22 18:13

I've been LC since before Bob Atkins died, he died in 2003 so I'm sure I've been LC for 20 years also.

I lost 65 pounds, kept it off, and I've had great general health too.


GRB5111 Tue, Jan-25-22 20:00

Mike - your story is very similar to mine. Good job staying with the path not taken from the beginning. It's an incredible ride when you start to feel better while you're eating in a way that's very different (and often in conflict) from the conventional recommendations. Today, we're getting confirmation about the wisdom of low carb and nutrient density. There's still a long road to travel for many, and there are still a lot of naysayers, but the answer is there for those willing to take the time to find it. All the best!

JEY100 Wed, Jan-26-22 06:04

What a great success story, Mike! Every doctor who says Low Carb is "not sustainable" should read this, and the comments too.

WereBear Sat, Jan-29-22 07:05

I started in 2003, and never wavered through ups and downs because it was the ONLY way that worked. And now we know so much more about why!

Congratulations for listening to your own self -- and having a doctor with a flexible mind :)

Grav Fri, Feb-04-22 12:03

20 years of low carb! Now there's a life well lived.

Congratulations, Mike!

Doggygirl2 Tue, Feb-15-22 16:21

What an inspiration! Congratulations on your long-termsuccess!

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