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Bobi-p Mon, Apr-03-06 19:19

Oh, thanks, Rosebud. I appreciate the information.

kt06 Sat, Jun-03-06 19:32

Nothing Saving
I Can T Get Anything To Save On My Plan?
I Want To See My Progress When I Log On, It Is Disapointing Not To.

tamarian Sat, Jun-03-06 20:03

Why do you think it's not saving anything? Provide some details, as you may be doing it wrong :)


Losing it Wed, Jul-19-06 18:59

Is it possiable to deduct he exercise i have done from the meals ive eaten so I can see my stats change. eg a 1hr walk can it be deducted from the days meals?


Rosebud Thu, Jul-20-06 00:21

Originally Posted by Losing it
Is it possiable to deduct he exercise i have done from the meals ive eaten so I can see my stats change. eg a 1hr walk can it be deducted from the days meals?


I presume you mean deduct calories? I am not aware of a way to do this at present on MyPLAN. But do you realise that you don't really need to count calories on low carb plans, only carbs need be counted?

Perhaps once you have chosen a plan to follow (as I suggested in another post), you will understand better.

I wish you all the best. :)


Losing it Thu, Jul-20-06 05:07

Hey thankyou,

I didnt realise that calorise dont have to be counted?
so I can grill up chicken (low carb) and eat a small about at night so I wont be hungry.

Currently im having vegi soup for tea, and an apple for a later snack but still find myself hungry...

looking foward to hearing from you

TimesTwo Thu, Mar-29-07 00:31

Just out of curiosity... Does P.L.A.N. stand for anything?

Rosebud Thu, Mar-29-07 01:54

Originally Posted by TimesTwo
Just out of curiosity... Does P.L.A.N. stand for anything?

Yep. You'll find the full story here. :)


4EVR67 Wed, May-16-07 10:28

New to P.L.A.N.
I posted all of my information in the body fat area, and an updated weight but it isn't showing up. Does it take a while to show up or am I doing something wrong?

Moonrise Wed, May-16-07 21:01

4EVR, that's my problem, too! I keep entering in new daily weights, but nothing, if you'll pardon the expression, is shifting...

ETA: ah, I've figured it out. Go to UserCP and add the new weight in Edit Profile. I feel dumb now.


4EVR67 Thu, May-17-07 12:47

Thanks! I feel dumberer... haha. Down a pound from yesterday and my calories were about 2375. That is encouraging...only second day but much better than a gain! I tried the Mascarpone Parfait last night and it was ok. I will probably sweeten it a bit more and maybe have it over some sf jello. Felt guilty eating it but I guess since I had a loss it was ok!

td140 Tue, Nov-13-07 09:39

How do I figure out my BF%?

Leonora Sun, Apr-20-08 09:06

Help needed
Hi there, can anyone explain to me in simple terms how to use this website? I am not very bright as far as online programs are concerned and when I log on, I do not know where to go and what to do. I just became a member the other day and am still looking for a "book teaching me the basics of how to use this website". See, I told you I was stupid. I get so confused just clicking on this link and then clicking on that link - I honestly don't know what I am doing. Please help!!!! Thanks so much!

Kisal Sun, Apr-20-08 16:09

If you're looking for information about the site in general, i.e. not specifically the My P.L.A.N. tool, then click on the link below and read every item:

If you have any further questions about using the site, you can ask questions on the "Comments Box and Technical Forum," which you will find at the bottom of the main page of the website. :)

Ladybug LC Tue, Nov-11-08 07:10

Hi, I'm new to the marvellous world of My PLAN and I love it. Now, I'm in trouble when I search for some basic products for my diet. For instance, when I search for sour cream or Mayo, a lot of options come up for each product but they are low fat or fat free version... I cannot find the whole version to add to my list... Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for your help :)

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