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Elora Jade Wed, Mar-20-02 21:01

Egg in a Ham Cup
1 Slice Deli Ham
1 Green onion, finely chopped (or some chives)
2 TBSP Cheddar Shredded and Divided in half
2 Eggs
2 TBSP Plain Yogurt or Sour Cream
Salt & Pepper to Taste

Grease custard cup, insert ham slice into the cup, sprinkle with onion and half the cheese.

Beat Together remaining ingredients and pour into cup

Top with remaining cheese

Cover loosely with plastic wrap

Nuke on Medium High and 2.5-3min or until cooked until desired.

Let stand covered for 1 minute

The hubby tried this with Bologna, he liked it, I perfer it with ham. Its really really fast and easy for breakfast or a snack. This recipie came courtesy of the carton of eggs I bought today!

Using sour cream and omitting the green onion (didnt have any) I have a total of 6.1 Carbs

Norma June Mon, Jul-28-03 20:57

6.1 grams of carbs ..... ! That's high for induction isn't it? :eek:

Are you sure you calculated right? Mathematically challenged here.

Mr Fat Sun, Aug-03-03 11:14

Gonna eat this!

Some1Sweet Sun, Dec-17-06 22:45

6.1 probably because of the yogurt.

I'm gonna try this one tomorrow morning but I am going to cut the ham into tiny pieces, omit the yogurt and use heaving whipping cream instead.

missymagoo Sun, Dec-17-06 22:46

sounds okay. sue

Linda_Sue Mon, Dec-18-06 18:22

MasterCook comes up with 3 carbs whether you use sour cream or yogurt. Add 1 more carb if you use the green onion.

NanAng Wed, Jan-10-07 10:50

This is good. I skipped the sour cream/yogurt because I'm in induction. I had to stir it after two minutes and put it back in because it wasn't cooking evenly. But once I did that and put it back in for another 40 seconds, it was good to go.

Very tasty. Thanks for sharing.

DietMonstr Fri, Mar-23-07 07:36

This is a great idea. I was looking for something that wouldnt require a lot of effort to cook up and be able to have something hot for breakfast. Thanks for sharing!

Iowagirl Mon, Apr-09-07 07:08

Yummy! Good way to use up some of the leftover Easter ham.

DietMonstr Mon, Apr-09-07 07:56

I microwaved an egg in a ham cup and it stunk up the house! :) I was trying to find something that I could make quickly for breakfast at work. I'm sure if i did this, my co-workers would ban me from the kitchen :)

Iowagirl Mon, Apr-09-07 14:17

I found that mine wasn't cooked thoroughly at medium heat. I think I will try it on high but for only a few minutes.

faduckeggs Tue, Apr-17-07 11:36

This is similar to a western omlette (that I used to eat on an English muffin, but could easily be eaten with fork instead.

In microwave safe bowl, mix two eggs, splash of cream, diced ham, diced peppers, green onion and tomato, and some shredded cheese, salt and pepper, tab of butter. Blend thoroughly. Microwave on high for about 2 minutes or so. It comes out in a nice round patty.

faduckeggs Tue, Apr-17-07 11:51

Sorry, double post.

bel4fan Tue, May-08-07 07:21

sounds good!

kvhpkh Mon, Mar-06-17 09:28

Egg in a Ham Cup/Oven Cooking
I am anxious to try out the Egg in the Ham Cup recipe but, I do not have a microwave. What do you think the temp/time should be in the oven?

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