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TaraTea Sun, Feb-26-12 18:22

The Running Thread
I just thought I'd start this thread for those that love running. Let's discuss tips, shoes, and personal goals. Beginner's advice is always helpful as well.

I'm working on improving my mile time for a race coming up this summer. I love the high that running provides. I always feel fantastic! This is such a better way to relieve stress than consuming all the carbs ever was.

Ryevels Ma Mon, Feb-27-12 11:23

I love running! I used to run long ago and just got back into this past fall. I am still new at it. The most I have gone is 4.5 miles. BUT my goal is to do a half in the fall. I know I can do it. :)

TaraTea Tue, Feb-28-12 02:03

woot! that sounds like a great goal. i'm doing a warrior dash this summer and i'm looking forward to it.

i find the best strategy to running is building up speed and distance slowly. i'm still trying to get my mile down to a decent time, but with time it shall happen.

mom2jjl07 Mon, Mar-05-12 21:53

I'm super interested in this :) I use to be a major runner & would like to pick it back up again :) did you find that running helped you with your loss?

ferrygirl Mon, Mar-05-12 23:11

I'm really interested in this thread - I love to run, but I don't have much endurance or speed. My goal is to run at least a 5k this summer - maybe more (why not?)

TaraTea Tue, Mar-06-12 06:48

i find running helps with weight loss and feeling awesome in general. plus, it increases your well being and decreases risks to different health problems.

i find that intervals are the best way to build up endurance and speed. also, this link... Couch To 5k Running Plan helps beginners get started.

TaraTea Mon, Mar-12-12 03:33

i'm getting closer and closer to a more respectable mile time. i started out at 16+ minutes, but i've got my mile down to 13 minutes and 8 seconds now. i try to go faster and further a little at a time until i can run a 5k someday. woot!

gweny70 Mon, Mar-19-12 10:02

I would love to join this thread! Just discovered the joys of running (or jogging in my case) about 2 yrs ago..I've been on and off with it over this time period but keep coming back because I LOVE the way I feel after a run! Trying to get back on to a schedule again and since I've been so inconsistent the last year I think I'm just going to work on the C25K program again.

Look forward to hearing about everyone's running stories, tips, etc!

TaraTea Wed, Mar-21-12 02:08

i'm always excited to see other post to this thread. i wish it was more and more active. i love running and i love talking about running. i have a 5k and 7k coming up which is an excellent way to stay motivated, because... non refundable entry fees!

i'm working on the C25K program as well. it's working well for me as i'm still doing intervals, but have progressed to over half of my time is running. i'm getting closer to the 12 minute mile goal i've set for myself.

i'd love to hear more updates and tips myself. let's share our successes and concerns as well.

Deoran Wed, Mar-21-12 07:03

One of my favourite sites for interval training is DJ Steveboy's site. It has some great mixes for training for different intervals of running. A 5k, an 8k and a 10k training programs.

I am currently training for a half marathon at the end of June. Running has really made a big difference in my life. I still remember the first 5k I ever did. It took my 49 minutes. One of the slowest times. But now I'm doing it in 28 minutes.

TaraTea Sat, Mar-24-12 03:09

thanks for the link, deoran. i'm definitely going to check it out. it's inspiring to hear that all the hard work pays off. i see it slowly more and more every week in myself, but it's nice to hear it from someone else too.

ferrygirl Sun, Mar-25-12 19:38

Deoran- Hearing that you went from 49 to 28 minutes is really encouraging for me. My dream is to get my 5k time under 30 minutes (I'm really slow).

Anyone have a favorite type of headphones to wear while running? Mine tend to fly out of my ears when I go faster than 12km/hr on the treadmill.

Deoran Mon, Mar-26-12 07:00

For long distance runs I find my normal earbuds are ok, but they have rubber grips on them. But for short speed intervals I have a pair of Sony wrap around ear buds. (They come around the back of the ear)

TaraTea Wed, Mar-28-12 05:27

i've had the same problem. i can't find earbuds that work for me. they always fall out or the quality is just bad sound wise. i'm good if i'm walking with some clip ons that i found, but nothing seems to work for running. i'll have to look for a the wrap style. maybe that'll work. sometimes, i just miss the old school kind that fit over your ears. they never seemed to go anywhere.

ferrygirl Wed, Mar-28-12 19:08

I will have to look for the wrap around style - sounds good. There is a girl I see around town who wears a huge blue retro pair of headphones - maybe they are cool again!

Looking forward to starting C25K week 3 today! I'm hoping to increase my speed by doing C25K faster this go round.

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