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xtinerober Fri, May-31-13 22:31

Trader Joes Low Carb Must Haves
Egg White Ranchero Salad (tastes like potato salad!)
White chicken salad
Garlic herb chicken sausage
Peeled hard boiled eggs
Dark chocolate low carb candy bar. AMAZING

Liz53 Sat, Jun-01-13 09:00

Australian grass fed lamb
Grass fed ribeye steaks
Heavy whipping cream - without carageenan in my area - check your label as it is locally sourced
Smatterings of full fat yogurt
Artichoke hearts in oil
Organic eggs
Affordable nuts of all sorts, salted and unsalted
Bags of 4-5 avocados, cheap, and usually the kind you let ripen yourself till they are Just Right
Coconut oil
Midsummer Night's Cream hand lotion - thick and not too smelly)

Nancy LC Sat, Jun-01-13 09:16

(Some already mentioned above)
Bagged, pre-washed greens. Herb salad mix my favorite.
Heads of cauliflower (1.68 right now)
Green onions
85% chocolate
Fish Vera Cruz (forgot the name of the fish)
Eggs -- Jumbo
Avocados (but now I usually get them at Costco where they're bigger and better)
Coconut milk and coconut cream
Artichokes (in season)
Just Chicken (frozen, minimal ingredients)
Nuts (Macadamias and pecans mostly)
Roasted seaweed snack to eat on the way home ^_^

ktbrew Tue, Jun-18-13 17:11

The seaweed snacks are great. All crispy and dry. It helps break the monotony.

Huskerchic Sat, Jun-22-13 16:01

I LOVE the seaweed sheets !! I crumble them up and put them on salads !!

cuechick Tue, Oct-08-13 12:42

I am a Trader Joe's fanatic. I think they have a lot of great low carb options and thanks every one for the suggestions. I just started yesterday and this is where I got all my stuff.

I tried the milk chocolate version of the low carb candy bar and yes amazing! So happy to have that little bit of sweet once in a while.

I love that they have things that make life easy like the shelled hard boiled eggs! I hate peeling eggs, this is so great.

I also like:
hearts of celery
pre-cooked bacon!!! (This really is great, a no mess way to have
a shot of bacon in 22 seconds!)
sliced smoked gouda cheese
spinach dip
teriyaki beef jerky
frozen berry melody:a mix of berries, with no added sugar, I plan to add this to sugar free jello!

JEY100 Tue, Oct-08-13 13:24

There have a few similar threads, here's one with a .doc:

cuechick Tue, Oct-08-13 19:17

Another thing I just discovered is that is great is their frozen shrimp. I got a bag of medium for 5.99, you can just defrost as needed. I make a salad with baby spinach, 1 chopped up hard boiled egg, 1/4 avocado and pickled ginger (which I buy at a local asian market, the is the red kind cut in strips you can get at fast food teriyaki places)...

After almost completely defrosting the shrimp, I sauté for just a few minutes in a little garlic butter... I use the "Goddess" dressing to finish! Yum!

cuechick Wed, Oct-09-13 19:01

I had the ideal last night to put a little peanut butter on their low carb chocolate bar... you're welcome!

Merpig Wed, Oct-09-13 20:14

The closest Trader Joe's to me is about 65 miles, so clearly I can't pop in there just to pick something up. But they are planning to open one up in Jacksonville Beach in fall 2014. That's about 35 miles away, so for my Florida standards that's practically in my backyard! Probably as good as I'll get. I'll have to start making up my list to save for next fall. :D

JEY100 Thu, Oct-10-13 02:58

Worth the trip! Especially around holidays...they always have seasonal items, right now it is all about things pumpkin. pumpkin Greek yogurt, harvest blend tea, organic canned pumpkin, etc. TJs stocks great gift packs, they have a three bottle pack of flavored EVOO in already, there will be more items to come. Last year had four flavored mustards and other foods used myself. :yum:
The attached .doc in the thread linked above is a 2 pg. shopping you are all set for the Jackonsville opening. ;) While I am waiting for the first Publix in the Triangle to open nearby...we always want what we don't have. I do love Trader Joe's and really have no reason to set foot in a regular large chain grocery store, but the Publix in FL seem well managed and had good produce.

Merpig Thu, Oct-10-13 18:54

Originally Posted by JEY100
the Publix in FL seem well managed and had good produce.
I actually do like my Publix! I have two of them both within two miles of my house (in opposite directions from each other) - but one of them is much bigger, so I tend to go there. But I have also found cool things in the smaller one that the bigger didn't carry. Right now one of my favorite things they carry is unsweetened "Barney Butter" - a very nice almond butter that is mixed with palm oil to give it a smooth texture. I first saw Barney Butter at my local health foods market but they only carry the version that has added sugar! Publix carries that too, but also the sugar-free version.

I also have a Whole Foods market about 20 minutes away and go there from time to time. But I do look forward to Trader Joe's - and I also liked Harris Teeter when I liked in or visited NC.

cuechick Sat, Oct-12-13 13:47

I went to TJ's today and found low carb tortillas, just 4 net carbs! I made a big taco for lunch, adding some of their hatch chillies to the meat (used one of their hamburger patties) and some taco bell mild hot sauce (2 packets I had on hand~ 0 carbs!)... So good!

They are not as flavorful as a real tortilla but not bad at all! Very happy with the result.

cuechick Mon, Oct-21-13 15:13

More TJ finds:

Love the hatch chilies!
pre-formed hamburger patties (good quality & price!)
smoked almonds

Also may try their hollandaise sauce... could make a nice little
Eggs Benedict... minus the bread of course.

JEY100 Thu, Oct-24-13 17:07

Now that it has been cold for a few days here...had a favorite TJ "recipe" tonight:
Put pork loin or tenderloin in crock pot. Add TJ jar of green salsa. Cook on low 6-8 hours.
Done, but if you want to get fancy, add some mushrooms or small carrots or squash the last hour.

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