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GRB5111 Mon, Aug-19-19 05:15

Originally Posted by jschwab
Do you mean chocolate bars? I used to just eat baker's chocolate when I ate chocolate on low carb.

Good point, and I've done the same with baker's chocolate bars. They're not bad. I don't eat chocolate that often, but would like to have some lightly and naturally (stevia) sweetened dark chocolate bars that don't represent the total of my daily carb intake.

jschwab Mon, Aug-19-19 08:59

Originally Posted by WereBear
I live in a state park and we have very few franchises. Most people like that.

My dream! :agree: :agree :p :p

Bob-a-rama Mon, Aug-19-19 13:08

I used to call them "Carb Bars" but they only have 1 to 3 carbs, so I started calling them "no-carb-bars" even though it isn't correct.

If you go to and click low-car/keto they have quite a selection.

I make an order before taking a trip, and try different brands each time. That way when they pass the expensive, high carb, low taste meal on the plane, I can pass and eat my "no-carb" bar and a handfull of nuts. I call it emergency food.

I can't recommend a particular brand because I don't eat them often enough to have a favorite. It's one vacation per year, and some years I might have to take an additional long car trip, but I can usually pack enough food for that.

When eating at restaurants, I tend to stay away from big chains, fast food ones especially. If I can find a small, privately owned restaurant (and I have a few in my neighborhood), I go there.

My band is small business, and I want people to hire my small business, and I figure it's 'do unto others' -- plus I usually get better food and better service.


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