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janis Tue, Oct-30-01 19:54

Scarsdale Diet
I recently switched from Atkins to the Scarsdale Diet because after 5 years, Atkins just wasn't working any more, the slightest cheat caused a weight gain and then it wouldn't come off, and I thought maybe my body could use a little surprise (less fat and--whoopee!--fruit!). It's too early to see any results but I am just wondering if Scarsdale is considered a low-carb plan.


doreen T Tue, Oct-30-01 21:03

hi Janis
Wow, haven't heard from anyone on Scarsdale in DECADES! Actually, I did Scarsdale, way back in the early 80's ... as I recall, it's a very low-calorie plan ... so technically it is lower in carbs ... but it's low in protein and way low in fat too.

Also, if memory serves ... Scarsdale is a short-term plan ... not a lifestyle change, as most low-carb programs are. The diet is meant to be followed for 2 weeks at a time. Technically, it's considered a fad diet, not something you could live with for the rest of your life.

I'm afraid the extreme low calories might slow your metabolism even further, setting you up for easy weight gain no matter WHAT you do. I'm tempted to suggest you add some fat to the Scarsdale menu in the form of 1 or 2 Tbsp fresh flax oil and/or x. virgin olive oil. These will add a few calories, yes, but zero carbs ... and some much needed essential fatty acids, which your body does not make, you can only get them from food. Scarsdale diet was developed long before scientists knew the importance of EFA's.


liv Thu, Apr-04-02 07:05

Hi Janis!
I've been trying various low carb diets since februaury, and just recently came across the Scarsdale diet and I've started on it and am doing pretty well. Strangely enough with all the fruit I have fewer cravings than on Atkins/PP etc. Let's say that I'm doing a modified Paleo version of it ... you'll find information on Paleo on the Paleo forum, which makes sense to me (the Paleo not the forum!).

I agree on adding some fat though, if for no other reason that salad is disgusting without it ! :D

Let me know how you're doing because as far as I can tell we're the only Scardalers around ...

Good luck

PS I just saw the date on your post ... well, if you're still around let me know how you did!!!

janis Thu, Apr-04-02 15:52

Scarsdale Diet
Hi Liv,

To tell you the truth I lasted about a week on Scarsdale and then went back to Atkins. I just didn't lose any weight! But you may have better luck, I hope so.


liv Fri, Apr-05-02 00:56

Hi Janis!
Thanks for your reply!

Actually I'm quite happy doing Scarsdale especially for the fruit! And as Doreen suggested I'm adding some olive oil to salads and for cooking, also because food is pretty yucky without it!

Good luck with what you're doing: I'm sure each person being different does better with different things...


captxray Mon, Apr-08-02 14:55

You know what? Scarsldale isn't for me, any longer...I tried it back in the 80s too. It is pretty much a fad diet because I don't think it's a healthy WOE over time. However, just because it's not for me, and I think it's a fad diet certainly doesn't make me the only authority...actually, I'm not much of an "authority" at all! I'm finding a lot of success on Neanderthin, but very few others on this forum use it. I was not successful on Atkins...and I tried it four times. That doesn't necessarily tell us that Atkins was wrong. Maybe, I just wasn't patient enough to stick through a month of no weight loss each time. Who knows? I may have just started peeling the weight off after a couple more weeks. Good luck to you with that old diet. Maybe, after you have lost some weight on the old fad diet you'll come around. Maybe you'll lose a ton and be very happy. Who are we to tell you, anyway? Even Atkins doesn't have a great record over time. There isn't a diet out there, according to the statistics taken by people who are supposed to know these things, that really has been shown to work over time...because being human (meaning we have no resolve over time) gets in the way! Good luck!

lastchance Tue, Apr-09-02 07:17

I also did Scarsdale in the 80's. Definitely high protein, low fat, low carb diet. I seem to remember it was designed for heart patients in the 70s. I couldn't stay on it very long as it was too low in cals and made me hungry!

I remember I did lose weight on it though, then put it back. I am now only interested in a WOE I have half a chance of sticking to for a very long time.

Good luck with it.


tama2037 Wed, Jun-16-04 13:15

I started Scarsdale today! I am hoping to lose for vaction! I want to lose 15 lbs. I currently weigh 145 and want to be 130! How is everyone else doing on the plan? I wouldnt really say this is a fad! He shows you how to keep eatting right for life. It is up to the person what they do!

Emerald007 Fri, Jul-16-04 17:06

Hi everyone. I just started Scarsdale today. I'm feeling a little sluggist. How about you? I'm hoping this will work. It would be great to lose that much in such a short time.

Delphoene Fri, Oct-26-07 05:34

I too have done Scarsdale. It is a very strict diet. I may not be much of a breakfast eater, but I need more than half a grapefruit and a slice of "protein toast" -that is barely 100cals! It is recomended that on follows the strict diet for 2 weeks, followed by 2 weeks on the "Keep-Trim Eating Plan"(KTEP) and so forth and so on, til you reach your goal.
KTEP is reasonably healthy and I believe one could stick to it for life:
Eat freely: Fresh fruits (limit bananas), vegetables, (limit corn and peas), eggs, cheeses (all kinds), lean meats/poultry, fish/shellfish,artificial sweetners.
Eat in moderation: Skim/low fat milk, oilives, walnuts, pecan nuts, bread (no more than 2 slices/day, or equiivalent. 100g potato or sweet corn =1 slice bread)
Not permitted:Fats & oils, sugar and ANY food product containing added fat or sugar, avacadoes, nuts other that walnuts/pecans.

Sandollar Fri, Oct-26-07 14:06

I remember my mother and doctor putting me on Scarsdale when I was 12 years old!! (no, I wasn't fat...just awkward)
Not a lot of good memories for me...I lost weight but gained it all back when I stopped.

Skyliz Fri, May-30-08 17:22

The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet
Today I'll start my renewed attempts with the Scarsdale Medical Diet (dr. Herman Tarnower). Whenever I need to loose a couple of pounds I turn to this very effective diet, which has never let me down.

I wonder why this super diet seems to be forgotten since most low carb dieters turn to Atkins, South Beach or The Zone. Therefore it doesn't surprise me that only a handful of you people have reacted to this thread.

Who has been on this diet recently and with what results?

In view of the incredible results I am convinced that had dr. Tarnower lived on, his diet would still have been extremely popular. It really is a pity that his life ended so soon the way it did.

djbasso Sat, Aug-08-09 09:56

Hi, My name is Diana, I live on the UWS in New York City, and have found the Scarsdale Diet helpful in several ways:
1. at the beginning of any weight loss program, I appreciate a menu that requires little/no decision making/weighing food or preparation fuss.
2. I can take 6 - 13 pounds off in two weeks which, although it may arguable be water weight that I can regain quickly, makes enough of a difference that I have increased energy and am lighter on my feet/can start a walking/low impact aerobic program without injury or pain
3. it is not that far removed from the weight watchers core program without using the extra 35 points.
4. I am sufficiently satisfied/blood sugar is consistent so I do not experience many cravings or headaches
5. my self esteem is improved by my ability to follow turn away from my urge to eat high dairy/sugar/carb foods.
6. most importantly, I can use the immediate weight loss to inspire me to embrace a more moderate plan after the first two on-two off Scarsdale month.

I took the NY Bar Exam in Feb. 2006 (passed but gained 12 because I stopped exercising), worked for an insanely busy firm (and lost track of my food program gaining another 30 pounds), the firm went bankrupt in Dec. 2008 and have gained another 15. Thus went from 145-ish (chubby but not too far from my goal weight of 135) to above 190. Freaking out, super broke, and fat three weeks shy of my 50th birthday spurred me on to the Scarsdale plan last Sunday, and I finally feel like I am capable of making progress in my life. Thanks for listening, Diana

LuckyPenny Wed, Aug-26-09 11:53

Hi, Diana. I hope this diet is working for you in getting a handle on your weight loss. I tried this in the 80's, too. It really did seem miraculous at the time! I remember not being hungry in the least but I missed the fat. I do remember the delicious nutty taste of the bread and still ate dry toast and grapefruit long after I abondoned everything else on the diet. Good Luck with your diet and everything else.

djbasso Thu, Aug-27-09 06:58

Scarsdale is low carb/low cal plan
Originally Posted by janis
I recently switched from Atkins to the Scarsdale Diet because after 5 years, Atkins just wasn't working any more, the slightest cheat caused a weight gain and then it wouldn't come off, and I thought maybe my body could use a little surprise (less fat and--whoopee!--fruit!). It's too early to see any results but I am just wondering if Scarsdale is considered a low-carb plan.


atkins is much more extreme than scarsdale. If u have ever
tried the CORE weight watchers plan, scarsdale
is, to me, a more structured version of that PLUS
the morning grapefruit. D

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