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mviesprite Sat, Apr-09-16 14:14

Originally Posted by khrussva
...I just ate a big lunch and now I'm headed for a nap. I didn't get much sleep last night, so I might actually conk out for a while. I'll post some photos tonight.

ooo you did this without good sleep? Good for you! You did great. I was thinking about you today.
:thup: :thup: :thup:

NEMarvin Sat, Apr-09-16 15:44

Congrats Ken and great job!

MickiSue Sat, Apr-09-16 16:49

Congratulations, Ken. A well deserved nap, indeed.

And congratulations to your daughter, too.

khrussva Sat, Apr-09-16 20:16

The official results came in. I missed my time goal by 21 seconds. Those darn minions, anyway. 70 minutes 20 seconds - start to finish. That is just over 11 minutes per mile. I enjoyed the race. I'll do better next time. Kel finished at 82 minutes. She did better than she expected - jogging 4 of the 6.2 miles. She wants to do it again, too - and promises to work out more before the event. We'll see about that. All-in-all it was a great day and I'm very happy with my time.

I came in 12003 place... in the top half of those who participated in the event.

Before the race

See what I had to put up with! Lots of obstacles for the first few miles

Bad selfie just after crossing the finish line. Proud moment for me, that's for sure.

Dad and daughter time... before and after the race. I kicked her butt during the race :).

My reward... Daddy/daughter time & crossing the finish line of a 10K. Finisher's medal was a bonus.

MickiSue Sat, Apr-09-16 21:01

Ken, hint from Husband: next time, move up in front of the minions or anyone who looks like they are just doing it for fun, i.e. with no time goal.

He's pretty serious: does a sub 1:30 half marathon. And he always places himself right up with the elite runners. You don't need to do that, but really, they should have the walkers line up behind the runners, period.

mviesprite Sat, Apr-09-16 23:28

Originally Posted by khrussva
...I missed my time goal by 21 seconds. Those darn minions, anyway... ...All-in-all it was a great day and I'm very happy with my time...

Darn those Minions... :doah: I think by doing this at all you were a winner. You look great - I'm glad you were happy with the result. :thup:

Ambulo Sun, Apr-10-16 01:53

Tremendous, another 3 - 6 months training and you will be under the hour. It gets those steps done much quicker.

Just Jo Sun, Apr-10-16 04:28

:clap: Woot! :cheer: Woot! :cheer: Woot! :clap:

:hyper: HUGE CONGRATS :dazzle: on your ACCOMPLISHMENT!!!

Can you have imagined doing this 2-3 years ago? You are the BOMB! :yay:

So when's the next race? All your fans wanna know!! :D

leemack Sun, Apr-10-16 07:16

I love the superhero pose before the race - and that's what you are, Ken, a low carbing superhero!!!! :D

2girlsmema Sun, Apr-10-16 09:44

Love these pictures, thanks for sharing them! Thank you, once again, for being such a great inspiration. :)

khrussva Sun, Apr-10-16 11:55

I got a chance to examine the stats for the race collected on the S Health app. So much for needing to 'carb up' before a race. If this data is accurate I ran the 2nd half of the 10K faster than the first half. I ate less than 30 net carbs the day before the race and had less than 3 net carbs the morning of the race. I ate plenty of fat and sufficient protein all week. Ketones seem to power the muscles just fine in a distance race.



About that 'fastest pace' data... I did have little spurts where I dashed ahead for a short distance to get around a clog of walkers. I'm sure that is where that fast pace came from. It was just a few yards at that pace, trust me. And I had some recovering to do after I did those little dashes.

The wave I was in and all the waves in front of me were supposed to be joggers. The walker/jogger waves and the walk-only waves started behind me. It really was frustrating to have so many walkers in front of me for those first few miles. The road was 3 lanes wide and it was still tough to get around them. Even though they were not supposed to, there were groups of walkers side-by side 3 or 4 people wide. They were hard to get around. Next year I will sign up early and pick a wave farther up in the pack. That should make for a more enjoyable race.

Life is a series of learning experiences. Now that I've done a 10K I've learned some lessons. Now I know what I can do to make the next one even more fun than this one.

That ought to do it for this race in this thread. I hope to add to this thread in the future with more stories of participation in such events in the future. I never thought I'd ever run a 10K. NOT EVER. Now it looks that I will be doing more in the future. It is a brave new world after reaching goal.

thud123 Sun, Apr-10-16 14:22

---> :) <---

NEMarvin Sun, Apr-10-16 16:32

:thup: :thup: :thup:

MickiSue Sun, Apr-10-16 19:08

WOW. Hard to comprehend why people who are NOT going to run would line up ahead of the runners/joggers. That's just mean!

The fact that you did as well as you did means that you probably would have broken your goal, had they not been there. EX.CEL.LENT!

khrussva Sun, Apr-10-16 19:40

Originally Posted by MickiSue
WOW. Hard to comprehend why people who are NOT going to run would line up ahead of the runners/joggers. That's just mean!

I ran into a former neighbor in the grocery store the other day and we talked for quite a while. She had run the 10K before and shared with me a little bit about what she experienced. I think what she shared is a good explanation as to why so many joggers ended up walking. She had been jogging on a treadmill regularly when she signed up and she was sure she could run the full 10K. So she signed up as a jogger. She found out that pounding the pavement for 6 miles is not the same as working out on a treadmill or elliptical for a mile or two each day. She couldn't run it all and she said she ached at every joint for a week. I imagine that is what happens with a lot of these wannabe 10K joggers. If they don't really go out and jog the streets they are likely not as prepared as they think they are. An April race is not long after the winter. I wasn't seeing too many joggers on the streets as I walked the neighborhood all winter long. Next year I'll sign up for an earlier wave. A lesson learned.

Originally Posted by MickiSue
The fact that you did as well as you did means that you probably would have broken your goal, had they not been there.

That is what I want to believe. But who knows? Had they not kept me reigned in for the first few miles I might have started too fast and fizzled. It is what it is and I'll take what I got. 70 minutes is 15 minutes faster than I did the baseline 10K 4 weeks ago when I first started training. Not a bad improvement in just 4 weeks.

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