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leisha Sun, Apr-08-18 17:18

Just Do Something Challenge
I don't have much structured exercise but I try to get in my "steps" each day add a little something when I can. This will be the accountability place for me! :hyper:

khrussva Sun, Apr-08-18 18:54

That's pretty much what I do. We have a walking challenge going where your record your daily steps. I also record the other stuff that I add in. If you'd like to join us, here is the link...

leisha Mon, Apr-09-18 10:34

Thank you! I'm going to check out the thread! I'm not a "daily" poster so I don't want to look like a slacker!! ;)

khrussva Mon, Apr-09-18 10:40

Daily posting not required. Member Ambulo only posts once a month to record her totals. We'd love to have you if you want to join in on that thread.

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