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esw Thu, Feb-12-15 00:41

Mascarpone Cheese Please
Hi I can't seem to find Mascarpone Cheese on the PLAN to enter my foods! Have also looked under Italian Cream Cheese but not coming up with that. Any ideas what search term to use or is there an equivalent? ;)

Rosebud Thu, Feb-12-15 02:14

Hi esw, the webmaster gets our list foods from the USDA database, so I don't know why mascarpone wouldn't be there. But it ain't. Or if it is, I can't find it either. ;)

Anyway, in cases like this, I find it's easiest to just find the nutritional info either from the container if possible, or somewhere on the net, then enter it as a Custom food. (If you're not sure how to do that, you'll find info in the FAQ.)
If you don't have the info on the container, here is the nutritional info for mascarpone from Calorie King:
Cheers, matey. Keep asking if you need more help. :)

anvia Thu, Feb-12-15 03:31

I learned (by getting it wrong ha ha! ) its worth comparing the stuff you do find in my plan with the packets anyway. US heavy cream is different to UK double cream and then and again check the brand you use most frequently, I found huge difference between sainsbury's double cream and asda's.

It took a few extra minutes but go to custom foods and put in the data for the foods you use most frequently, then it's there, work out the portion size & off you go. If you use lidl sometimes the info isn't there on the packet but it's usually on their website.

esw Thu, Feb-12-15 10:45

Excellent advice . I will add it as a custom food. Still finding my way around the PLAN. ;)

doreen T Sun, Feb-15-15 16:51

Just wanted to reinforce the suggestions to double-check information that's on the food's label *before* you buy the product.

Don't just look at the carb count .. also check the serving size, and especially check the ingredients list :exclm:. I almost bought a container of Tre Stelle mascarpone, but the ingredients list held a few shocks!! .. such as added fructose and other carby crap :thdown:

Maybe that's why the USDA doesn't have a listing .. there's too much variation between the many brands??? Just guessing, though ;)

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