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JustAGirl Thu, Apr-15-21 21:58

konjac noodles
There are many brands available now. Anyone eat them regularly?

Ms Arielle Fri, Apr-16-21 10:07

I've tried a couple, but do not recall the brand names. All were bland. As in easy to add flavoring without conflict with Konjac.

Rarely eat konjac.

thud123 Fri, Apr-16-21 11:42

I've made so many dishes with them, really good! I have not had them in over a year tho, I've lost my flair for cooking complicated, now just meat and veg usually - i'm getting a bit more creative lately - added Nori

Check my first journal there'a a bunch of pics I took in the first 6-9 months. Here's an example. Check all the pages, Konjac noodles everywhere...

-thud (Konjac King) I've tried them all ;)

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