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thud123 Sat, Sep-30-17 08:28

This is not a success story...
...this is a simple story about change.

2 years to this date I decided to change what I ate. For me this was a simple decision. Perhaps it can be for you too. My plan was to avoid eating GPS [Grains, Potato(like stuff), and especially Sugar(both Sucrose and Fructose)] I also tracked my weight, Net Carbs (at first attempting to keep under 25), Activity level and and points "Ketones" both in urine and breath. I continue to maintain this daily log here. Things have changed along the way. This is normal. All things are in a constant state of change.

I'll boil down what I think into a formula below. It doesn't solve "The Theory of Everything" but it does seem to describe a way to solve a metabolic problem:


My success, which is not unusual, if Iíve had any thus far, has been in the Wait Iíve gained, Not in the Weight Iíve lost.

I'd say that "You Can Do It!" but I don't know if that's true. Neither do you if you don't try something, anything, be patient and Wait. Then wait some more.

I wish you the best in finding what you are looking for. I will leave you with some evidence that might lead you to believe that I have traveled the path that you are about to enter. It can be as easy or as difficult as you make it...

As a good teacher said once, "Pushing the wheelbarrow is easy; Thinking about pushing the wheelbarrow is hard"

Feel free to ask any questions you have here, I will do my best to respond.

Be kind. Expect nothing.


cotonpal Sat, Sep-30-17 08:37

Wow Thud! You've accomplished so much. You may not want to consider this success, and of course it's always a work in progress,
but from my perspective you've succeeded, so Wow!


khrussva Sat, Sep-30-17 10:38

Thud - I knew you could cook, but I didn't realize that you were such a good waiter. Let me give you a tip... Stick with it. Being a waiter suites you. Awesome job, dude. You can keep the change.

Grav Sat, Sep-30-17 20:03

Looks like one hell of a success to me! :D

Congrats Thud on everything you've achieved.

Kristine Sun, Oct-01-17 04:59

Changing what's between the ears is always the most critical change, and in that, you're a success to me. :thup:

BTW, the two photos hardly look like the same person. Amazing transformation. You remind me of a lot of Dr Davis' before/after photos that emphasize the change in one's face in terms of reduced inflammation. Fat loss is only one aspect of it.

Wishing you much continued good health. :thup:

JEY100 Mon, Oct-02-17 05:24

You are an amazing success story to all of us here! As Kristine already mentioned, those photos tell the story of your healing and journey to good health. Perfect message about Waiting.

GRB5111 Mon, Oct-02-17 09:52

Waiting+Staying on plan=Patience

I realize you're entering another phase at this time, and you enter with the experience gained from the last two years, which will serve you well. All the best.

Meme#1 Mon, Oct-02-17 10:41

That is such an amazing transformation Thud, the before and after.
You must feel so self empowered with what you've accomplished in gaining back your life, and good health.
I would bet that your family is so proud of you!

mojolissa Mon, Oct-02-17 11:10

Awesome! Just awesome surfer dude! :cheer:

boopchick Mon, Oct-02-17 18:25

Thud your pictures and story are simply amazing. I especially like your last sentence about the wheelbarrow. So very true.
I hope you plan on sticking around here. Your encouragement and insight are so valuable.

zoogirl Mon, Oct-09-17 03:16

Well, all I can say is, it has been an absolute pleasure to know you here on this site...I wish you all the best, you have been an inspiration to so many and I have enjoyed your clear thinking logic...
I will miss your adventures and your great photos, I do hope that you are still going to be lurking around in the shadows, drop by sometime, as always, have a positive day... ttyl

calico32 Wed, Oct-11-17 06:46

What an amazing way to look at things! Congrats!

BillyHW Mon, Jul-02-18 13:01

Wow, I can hardly believe my eyes. What an amazing transformation.

uberfat Fri, Nov-16-18 13:58

holly ...t
lol fantastic
first time i see you thud:)

uberfat Sat, Nov-17-18 00:23

my lady approves, she say look awesome
she cant believe:)

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