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Rosebud Tue, Apr-01-03 05:08

Rozzie's Fitness Attempt
It's not often I venture into the Exercise Forums, but from now on, I shall try to venture here daily.

It has been a while since I exercised regularly, so I think it may help if I document my progress here.

My exercising goals:

- To improve my metabolism sufficiently to recommence a touch of actual weight loss.
- To improve my injured back.
- To keep my joints moving to the point where my osteoarthritis presents less of a problem.
- To tighten up my flabby upper arms.

My measurements (I'm pretty impressed with my gutsiness in doing this!) in centimetres:
[26/4 I've just found my original measurements, so shall add them in]
Bust 107 102
Waist 101 89
Hips 113 110
Upper arm 36.5 34.5
Forearm Dnm 27
Thigh 64 62
Calf 44 41

I intend to post my measurements here every month.

Today's exercise:

Rebounding: 20 mins
Pilates ball and mat ex: 10 mins (restricted by shoulder pain)
Bicep curls (2.5kg weights): 8,8,8
Triceps thingies (1.2 kg weights): 8,8,12

Steps for 2005

Rosebud Tue, Apr-01-03 21:40

Today's ex:

Rebounding: 20 mins (AM) + 25 mins (PM)
Back (Pilates/ball & mat) ex: 15 mins

Rosebud Thu, Apr-03-03 05:40

It's interesting, I reeeeally didn't feel like exercising today. I put it off until tonight and then knew I had no more excuses. After all, I have to write it down here. ;) Couldn't abandon my little log so soon.
So, I've just finished about 70 mins worth.

Rebounding: 25"
Biceps curls: 10,10,10
Pecs thingies: 10
Triceps thingies: 10,10,10
Back ex: 20:

Rosebud Fri, Apr-04-03 05:33

Rebounding: 20 mins
Back ex: 15 mins

I'd have liked to have done more, but was too tired. I guess something's better than nothing. A bit.

Rosebud Sat, Apr-05-03 07:07

Rebounding: 20 mins
Biceps: 10,10,10
Triceps: 10,10,10
Pecs: 10
Back ex: 15 mins

I also worked a full ICU shift - was on my feet for much of the 8 hours. Surely that counts for something! :)

Rosebud Sat, Apr-05-03 23:17

Rebounding: 25" (AM) plus another 25" (PM) (Rozzie gives herself a big tick for that)
Back ex: 15"

The back exercises are certainly getting easier. I had not been able to do them for 2 months and they were hard to get back to. A real Catch-22 - the back pain won't be alleviated unless I exercise, but hard to do the exercises when my back's hurting! But things are improving - I hope!

Rosebud Mon, Apr-07-03 04:46

Rebounding: 20"
Walk: 20"
Back ex: 15"
Biceps curls: 10,10,12
Triceps: 10,10,12

I wonder if I'll ever reach the point where I look forward to exercising? Ain't happening yet. :daze:

Rosebud Mon, Apr-07-03 20:42

So far today...

Rebounding: 25"
Back ex: 15"

More to come...?
Nope, that was it.

Rosebud Wed, Apr-09-03 14:58

Back feeling a bit poorly yesterday (Wed) so took it easy in the exercise dept.
No rebounding or walking.

Bicep curls: 10,10,12
Triceps: 10,10,13
Pecs: 8
Back ex: 15 mins.

Rosebud Thu, Apr-10-03 23:49

Hmm, the "taking it easy" continues.

Yesterday (Thurs) I only managed 20 mins on the rebounder. Tried for more later but my back was just too sore. Ditto on the back exercises.

And today is a total day of rest. Waking up with a foul headache, sore tum as well as the usual aches and pains will do that to you!
Feeling a bit better now, but will not push the old bod.

Tomorrow is another day!

Rosebud Tue, Apr-22-03 04:56

11 days with no exercise - and don't my joints know it! Back in (gentle) action today.

Walk (slowish) 20 mins
Bicep curls 10,10,10
Triceps 10,10,12
Back exercises - about 10 minutes.

Rosebud Tue, Apr-22-03 20:54

I'm determined to get day.

So far today, I have walked - fairly briskly - for 20 mins. More to follow...

Rosebud Thu, Apr-24-03 17:02

My head was hurting too much for any walking or rebounding, but I did manage to do about 10 minutes of very gentle back exercises and also attacked my arms.
Biceps 10,10,10
Pecs 8,8
Triceps 10,10,10

Rosebud Fri, Apr-25-03 06:34

I managed a 25 minute walk today.
And a bare 10 minutes' worth of back exercises. Every little helps...

Rosebud Fri, Apr-25-03 19:04

Doing better today.

Managed 20 minutes worth of back exercises and I plan to do another set tonight.

Arm attack:
Biceps 10,10,12
Pecs 10,10
Triceps 12,12,15 :thup: I swear my arm flab will reduce one day! And surely this will help the shoulder OA too.

It's now afternoon, and I have had a brisk 25 minute walk.

And it's now nearly 9 PM. Another 10 mins of back exercises. A pretty good day for me. Considering my back is pretty sore, I think I've done a pretty good job!

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