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JEY100 Fri, Jan-29-21 07:27

Nick Norwitz study and personal story
Like Dr Michael Eades who recently learned of Dr. Nick Norwitz, I have also seen him on low carb twitter, websites and now a YouTube of his personal story, Food as Medicine, and his analysis of a small LC study.

Personal story:

Low-Carb Diet Reverses Metabolic Syndrome, Independent of Weight Loss
Study Insight

A podcast with more info from LCUSA.

Podcast Episode 65 with Nick Norwitz - Earlier this week, we shared an amazing podcast interview with Nick Norwitz, PhD, who has used the ketogenic diet to reverse the effects of his colitis and osteoporosis. Nick also talked about his involvement in the new Society of Metabolic Practitioners (SMHP), his new YouTube testimonial video, his book, medical school, and much more.

Nick Norwitz Finds Keto, Solves Severe Colitis, Becomes an Advocate: Ep 65

Ms Arielle Fri, Jan-29-21 08:38

The ball keeps rolling : A society of Metabolic Practitioners.

GRB5111 Fri, Jan-29-21 09:26

Have seen Nick's videos in the recent past, and haven't had time to listen to the podcast linked in the mail received the other day from LC USA. I'm encouraged that the path is leading toward some bright people dedicated to focusing on metabolic health rather than the popular symptoms for which we have any number of drugs to treat, but never a holistic approach and commitment to resolve the root cause. I see positive movement here, but not enough to think it's going to be ok. The need to remain strident about focusing on the metabolism remains. Treating metabolic health with sound nutritional practices is very unexciting for any company with the means to fund research when it's realized there's no product to develop or money to be made. I'm confident with further knowledge gleaned by committed people we can move past this and make it like a small bug on the windshield.

s93uv3h Fri, Jan-29-21 11:53

Great video.

WereBear Tue, Mar-02-21 06:21

What a fascinating story! He's very even-handed, but nails so many misconceptions. A fun listen, thanks!

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