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Gypsybyrd Mon, Jul-30-07 09:35

Gypsybyrd's exercise flight log
Hmmm .... well I'm rather hoping this log will help keep me motivated (or guilt me into going to the gym more often).

So yesterday I went to the gym - by the way 5:30pm on a Sunday is a GREAT time to go if you don't life crowds :lol: - and I did:

45 minutes on the treadmill; 2.11 miles. It was 1.9miles in 40 min + the cool down. About 35 min was at 2.5 incline. My heart rate stayed around 140 for most of the 40 minutes - popped up to 159 for the last five minutes before the cool down.

I also walked one mile at the botanical gardens yesterday.

Gypsybyrd Tue, Jul-31-07 17:24

OK ... I went to the gym again. Go me! LOL

45 minutes on the treadmill; 2.13 miles. It was 2.1 miles in 40 min + the cool down. Most of this was at 1.5 incline. My heart rated stayed low today - 117ish although it bumped to 121 during the cool down.

And I'm taking credit for walking a mile in high heels in really muggy weather. So there! :p

btw - I HATE the gym after work. It's tooooo crowded.

Gypsybyrd Wed, Aug-01-07 20:43

Well I didn't go to the gym today - I'm more of an every-other-day-go-to-the-gym kinda girl. :D

BUT I *did* go bowling. I bowled 2 games (crappy scores: 77 & 99). I really want to get back into bowling more frequently. But I dislike going solo and I'm too horrible to join a league. lol. *shrugs* We'll see what happens.

Anyway - it took about 90 minutes to bowl the 2 games ... so I think I got in my 30 minutes today. :cheer:

Gypsybyrd Thu, Aug-02-07 19:14

Went to the gym today ... this is especially good because I managed to go despite coming home from work and eating dinner first. lol. But I wanted to wait until the after-work crowd thinned out a bit.

Anyways ... 40min; 2.03 miles (better than before I think); 1.5 incline; heart rate average 125. Including the cool down I did 2.14 miles tonight in 45 minutes.

So here's my goal ... I'm going to keep the incline at 1.5. But I want to see how much over 2 miles I can go, without running, before increasing the incline.

Oh - and I got in 2 flights of stairs. Yes I'm counting flights of stairs because normally I would take the elevator. So I'm tracking stairs to encourage myself to not use the elevators so much.

Gypsybyrd Mon, Aug-06-07 19:41

Skipped three days ... went to the gym tonight.

40 min; 2.16 miles (better than before); 1.5 incline; heart rate average 133. Including the cool down I did 2.27 miles in 45 minutes.

Gypsybyrd Fri, Aug-10-07 11:39

Weelllllllll ... I missed the gym Wed (was at the office until 8:15pm, I ate dinner and then continued working until 12:30am). And I'd *intended* to go last night ... but I met up with a group at the beach yesterday evening. We walked abut a mile and a half on the beach. Then we had dinner. By the time I left to head to the gym it was 10:30 at night! The gym closes at 11pm. But at least I got in some exercise - and walking on sand is difficult!

I'm going to the gym tomorrow even if it kills me! :D

Gypsybyrd Fri, Aug-10-07 22:56

Ok ... yet again I did not make it to the gym. But this time I went to a Bucs pre-season game. Our seats were on the third level ... which meant walking up 10 switch backs ... and no, I didn't take the escalator. It was roasting hot too!

And we walked 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile from the car to the stadium.

So I got my heart rate up and worked my calves. I'm counting it as exercise for the day.

Gypsybyrd Sun, Aug-19-07 19:02

Hhmmmmmmm no gym last week. But I did buy headphones for the treadmill!

And I went snorkeling on Saturday- 1100+ calories burned from that.

Gypsybyrd Wed, Aug-22-07 19:46

Guess what???? I made it to the gym today! Actually tonight ...

2.11 miles in 40 min; 2.25 with the 5 min cooldown; 1.5 incline. 324 cal burned (300 in the first 40 min)

No idea about the heart rate - the monitor was screwy - told me my heart rate was 200. :lol: Not quite ... I'd guess around 135 avg. though.

Gypsybyrd Sat, Aug-25-07 17:15

*walks in from the gym*

Ok ... I think it's a bad thing if, while at the gym on the treadmill, the persistent thought running through your mind is: I hate the gym and I don't find it fun. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I made it to the gym. It was iffy whether I'd make it today or not. But I did. I did my usual 40 min + 5 cool down on the treadmill. 2.13 miles in 40; 2.29 with the cool down; 1.5 incline; 338 cal total; 127 avg heart rate.

My headphones worked better today - much less static. :)

I think I started out at too steep an incline right off the bat ... I started out at 1.5. Normally I start out at .5 for a minute and increase it .5 until I hit 1.5. But I'm impatient. I like to just jump right in.

One day I'll see about paying for the PT to show me how to use the resistance machines. I was shown back in January - but, well, I don't remember.

Anyway - I made it today. Although I disliked it - I'm glad I went.

Gypsybyrd Tue, Sep-04-07 19:14

Woo hooooooooooooooo! Gym time tonight! Dang I'm sweaty. AND I increased my time.

40 min; 2.51 miles; 343 cal
45 min; 2.53 miles; 353 cal includes cooldown

Gypsybyrd Tue, Sep-04-07 22:50

Hmmmm ... need to work on the distance. 14 miles in a bit over a month is not all that great.

My sisters and I are thinking about a 'race' to see who gets the furthest across country by Christmas. Of course, they run and I walk. But ... could be interesting.

Gypsybyrd Wed, Sep-05-07 19:39

Ok ... so here is the deal with the Sisterly Challenge.

One sister lives in NC ... approximately 461 miles from Atlanta. My other sister and I also live 461 miles from Atlanta (ok, a local mall about 9 miles from me is 461 miles from Atlanta :D ) ... in the other direction though.

So here's the Sisterly Challenge ... we will 'race' to Atlanta. Walking (me) or running (them). When all of us get there - via treadmill - we will take a girl's weekend in Atlanta and go shopping, dinner, etc. I'm thinking it'll be fun - and our mother and my 9 year old niece will join us in Atlanta. This should be fun. I figure mid-spring is when I'll straggle 'into' Atlanta.

Gypsybyrd Fri, Sep-07-07 19:20

Guess what? Guess what? *jumps up and down*

I not only went to the gym tonight - I WALKED to and from the gym AND worked out. :cheer:

So here are the numbers:

Walk to the gym: 30 min/1.5 miles
Walk home: 26 min/1.5 miles
Treadmill: 30 min/3ishmph/1.55 miles/215 cal
Recumbent bike: 5 min/1.68 miles
Recumbent bike: 10 min/3.6 miles (I slowed down too much and had to start over)

So that puts me ... 4.55 miles via foot toward Atlanta and 5.28 miles via bike toward Atlanta for a total of ... 9.83 miles toward Atlanta. :cheer:

Gypsybyrd Sun, Sep-09-07 09:56

Went to the gym today ... didn't walk to and from like Friday b/c it was too humid (or would have been by the time I came home). But I did do:

4.61 miles; 1.0 incline; 81 minutes; 615 cal (note - last time it took me 90 minutes to do 4.55 miles). That was without the cooldown ...

4.79 miles; 1.0 incline; 86 minutes; 642 calories with the cooldown. I drank 20 oz of water during the workout and 20 immediately after.

I had a protein shake before the workout and learned that is not enough to sustain me during 86 minutes of exercise. I didn't feel like fixing breakfast and I had no leftovers.

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