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sallyc Tue, Jun-06-17 13:29

Expert advice on running and lc please
Hi everyone, first time poster here, v. Long mime lurker!

Ok, I'll make it short, I have been very successful on lc, had two children and been back on it for a month. Ive lost the weight I needed, im a shorty, 4ft 11 so can't carry much weight easily without looking like a potatoe in a sack! So, I've done it and love eAting this way, it's a no brainer.

My scenario is this; I've started running for pleasure, not weight loss, and im training for a ten mile race in October. If I am lc and running, what will I need to do to ensure I can sustain my levels through the race? Do I need to eat lc or fat bombs or something to keep me going or will I need a fix part way through? If I need the fix and I don't eat 'sugar' or carbs, what do I need to do?

It's probably been done to death on here, but I need some sound advice please.

sallyc Fri, Jun-09-17 13:02

Maybe I asked in the wrong wAy?

Ambulo Fri, Jun-09-17 13:49

No you didn't. I am not a runner myself so can't answer you. I've been around a year or so and can't think offhand of anyone who is a dedicated runner. Maybe someone will show up soon. :)

bluesinger Fri, Jun-09-17 14:20

I don't think many of us are marathon runners here, but I did a search and came up with at least one link which may apply:

Found the following:
Matt Fitzgerald explains in his book The New Rules of Marathon and Half Marathon Nutrition, “As long as some of your harder workouts are carb-fueled and others are not, your fat-burning capacity will increase more than if you fueled every hard workout with carbs and your fitness will increase more than if you never took advantage of the performance-enhancing power of carbohydrate.”

sallyc Sat, Jun-10-17 04:44

Thank you both, I thought I'd asked a dumb question 😀

I think I'd like to be armed with info on what's going to happen/ what to expect)to my body the more miles I can clock whilst on lc? If someone has gone through it already any advice would be welcome.

I didn't want to up carbs because can't deal with them very well. I'll keep on going and see what happens!

Just Jo Sat, Jun-10-17 04:56

Hey Sally! :wave:

Maybe Ken can answer your question, he's been doing some marathons...

Here's his journal URL, Imma sure if you asked your question there, he may be able to help you:

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