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JEY100 Fri, Jun-29-18 10:58

Avocados that last twice as long!
Costco Is Selling Avocados That Last Twice As Long
This is not a drill, people!

We’ve all been there: You pick out a less-than-ripe avocado in the grocery store only to have it turn on you when you least expect it; ruining your avocado toast plans yet again. Thankfully, the good folks at California start-up Apeel Sciences are here to help you keep your #brunchgoals alive. This month, the company partnered with Del Rey Avocado and Eco Farms to debut a line of longer-lasting avocados at Costo locations and Harps Food Stores throughout the Midwest. It's basically Christmas for avocado lovers.

The experts at Apeel Sciences have invented an edible coating derived from plant materials like grape skins that they claim doubles the shelf life of the average avocado. "Made from the same materials found in every bite of fruit we eat, Apeel adds a little extra protection to the fruit’s skin so that it stays fresh and delicious longer, which lessens the likelihood of you having to throw your avocados away," Michelle Masek, head of marketing, told Forbes. The best part? These avocados don't cost any more than untreated ones.

If this seems too good to be true, Apeel Sciences’ celebrity backing might help convince you otherwise: Bill and Melinda Gates are investors. However, considering Bill doesn’t do a ton of grocery shopping, we’re pretty sure Melinda is handling this one.

BillyHW Fri, Jun-29-18 11:47

So does it take longer to ripen then too?

I hardly ever buy avocados any more and just get prepared guacamole. It just makes things easier.

Costco has a really good guacamole and also a guacamole/tomatillo dip.

JEY100 Fri, Jun-29-18 12:15

I don't know but the minute I see them will try it! Avocados usually in bags of six here and all go bad in an instant. I like that Chunky Guacamole that comes in a three pack, way better than Wholly Guacamole at Trader Joe's. Will look for a tomatillo dip now. thanks for the tip.

btw, if you like the LC Classic recipe of Cheeseburger Pie, try this Taco version.

I use Trader Joe's hot sauce and taco seasoning mix, and the Mexican combo shredded cheese 2-pack from Costco. Put the Costco Chunky Guac and sour cream on top to serve. With only two of us at home, it's three meals.

Verbena Fri, Jun-29-18 13:36

I have recently learned that by letting avocados reach that "almost but not quite" ripeness on the kitchen counter (ie, tomorrow, or maybe even this evening, they will be perfect) then putting them in a plastic bag in the fridge, they will last for quite a few days. I no longer fear buying a 4 or 6 pack

Meme#1 Fri, Jun-29-18 13:40

One day I noticed that if I eat half of an Avocado and then leave the other half on a saucer with a bowl over the top at room temp., that the next day it was perfect and not oxidized at all. When I refrigerate the left over half, that's the death of it!

Ms Arielle Fri, Jun-29-18 14:30

I buy 10 at a time. Leave them out and check every day or so. Then into the freezer. Nice and mushie for guac.

Though I am wondering if I can use that coating to slow the aging of MY skin.......??

janetkind Sun, Jul-01-18 10:06

I love Avocados, eat every day. 1/4> For high in calaries and fat{But a great fat.
I also buy Avocado Oil.

JEY100 Sun, Jul-01-18 10:43

So from previous answers, Avocados should be stored in fridge, freezer or room temperature :lol:
The Costco avocado oil is a great deal...only thing I use for mayo recipe now.

Meetow Kim Mon, Jul-16-18 11:44

Not sure where we learned this, maybe America's test kitchen...but once an avocado gets ripe and you are not ready to eat it, just put it in the fridge until ready. We've had avocados last several days after ripe this way. You can allow them to return to room temp for a while before cutting if you dont like them cold.

We also, if not eating the second half of an avocado, leave the pit/seed in the unused half, wrap tightly in plastic wrap and it keeps easily till the next day at least...rub a thin coat of lime juice on the exposed flesh and it lasts even longer before browning. Cut avocado will last a bit if you gently toss the pieces with lime juice too.

Fresh guac will last better with a thin layer of lime juice on top in the container in the fridge, and we also found pressing a layer of plastic wrap directly on to the top of the guac, then covering with the lid (we use pyrex glass storage with the plastic lids), keeps guac pretty well. Be sure to press the guac and dont leave any air pockets down underneath the surface.

I stopped buying pre-made guac. Have never found one worthy since learning how to make it properly at home.

Alton Brown's old school recipe is perfect guac every single time, but on low carb I cut back on the tomatoes a bit. It's not hard to make and uses up three avocados, and will keep for a few days in the fridge with methods I mentioned above. Might turn color just a bit on the surface but you never know it once re-stirred/mixed before serving.

Hard part is knowing if you have a good never know until you actually cut it. Some seem perfectly ripe and have those almost fibrous strands of brown through them, or just a big ole brown spot. Hit or miss for me.

JEY100 Tue, Jul-17-18 04:24

Same Hit or miss..especially the bag at Costco. Just checked, same 'ole plain avocados from magic ones yet. ;) in our store.

Meetow Kim Tue, Jul-17-18 16:22

I know this is a recipe for kitchen talk, but just as I had commented on this thread my wife sent me this recipe

Avocado chips! Looks totally doable and delicious.

Ms Arielle Tue, Jul-17-18 17:11

Great timing-- Im in need of a crunchy snack !

s93uv3h Tue, Jul-17-18 20:02

My mouth just watered.


Meetow Kim Wed, Jul-18-18 14:18

Originally Posted by JEY100
Same Hit or miss..especially the bag at Costco

We just had 2 out of three from Walmart that were inedible, they never ripened right. Still dont know about the third. We've had others that were perfect. Still aggravating wasting that money. :mad:

Kristine Wed, Jul-18-18 14:35

Lasting for days in the fridge? If I put them in the fridge when they're just turning from green to black, with a bit of 'give' when you squeeze it, they can last weeks. I cut one open the other day that I bought weeks ago, and it was almost too underripe to eat. I pureed it with an immersion blender to make it softer.

Every time I've tried to preserve a cut avocado according to any of the common advice - lemon/lime juice, wrapping, pit in, etc - it doesn't work at all. It's still brown in no time flat. I don't eat avocado if I don't plan on eating the whole thing.

I was going to speculate that climate may have a lot to do with how avocados keep, but I haven't noticed any particular difference with them between our hot, humid summers vs bone-dry cold winters. *shrug*

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