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DaveSS Mon, Feb-03-20 20:42

Starting to run again on keto
I have been low carb for just over a month now and have gone from 370 to 329 and have recently picked up running to speed up weight loss.

The problem I have been having is first time I ran I was able to do 4mph for about 2 miles. Then the next time 4mph for 1 mile. After 2 weeks of running I feel like I can only run 1/4 of a mile at 4mph before my legs feel like lead. I know it's generous to call 4mph hour running as it's more of a power walk or slow jog for most.

I usually jog as much as I can at the start of the workout then I'll often do a power walk and jog mixture for the rest some times doing 6-9 miles in a day 4 days a week.

The interesting thing is I don't feel like it's my cardiovascular system that's slowing me down as I still have my breath and my heart isn't racing as it typically would when I run.

Can anyone offer me advice on jogging/running on keto?
Am I just trying to start out with too much too soon and not giving my legs time to heal or am I missing something?

jschwab Mon, Feb-03-20 22:09

You have lost a LOT of weight in a very short time. All of your muscles and connective tissue needs to snap into place. I have been losing weight very, very slowly and it impacts my performance a lot. I think you just need to go very slow on the running until your body has adapted to the lower weight. You aren't just losing fat - you are losing minerals, blood, muscle, etc. And you have lost a LOT very quickly. You are just depleted for now until your body adjusts to the lower weight.

i3health Sat, Feb-22-20 08:36

DaveSS, congrats on such an amazing start!

If you’ve only started low carbing a month ago, your liver has not yet learned to make ketones in the quantity you would use to run around like usual. It takes an average of 6 months to really feel normal again during exercise (and better than normal).

As an aside, I would really wait until you’re closer to 200lbs to start running, so as not to stress the joints. A fast walk like you’ve been doing is actually better!

Good work on staying healthy!


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