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*jen* Fri, Sep-22-06 13:08

Congratulations, what a transformation you've gone through. What size were you when you started and what size are you now?

Ayustar Fri, Sep-22-06 15:39

Thanks so much guys!!!
Hmm I remember being like a size 16 or 18 dress. I can wear small shirts and sometimes size 3 or 5 pants depending on the day hehe. Being this short makes it hard to lose the rest of the weight though since you probably have to eat less, but who wants to do that?! Lol.

JudyPinkey Sat, Sep-23-06 02:17

Fantastic, job...Please give me some ideas how you ate on the M&E diet.

Entropy39 Fri, Dec-07-18 13:07

I miss you

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