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voodaloo Fri, Feb-20-04 19:46

My Bread Substitute...
It looks like a bread, it tastes like a bread and I use it as a bread
...Over the last six months I have refined the receipe to the point
where it now forms the base of my LC foods...It's quick to make,(5
minutes to mix, 40 minutes to cook, 2 minutes to clean up and two days
to eat), it's very filling and it's LOW CARB...You can toast it, you
can make sandwiches with it, sliced thin you can use it as a pizza
base...If you did it with HC bread you can do it with this and not feel

2 cups Fibre Mix (see note 1)
1 tb/s Baking Powder
1 t/s Salt
½ cup Grated Cheese (Dry mix these 4 ingredients)

2 Eggs
1 tb/s Oil (I use flaxseed oil, canola or olive oil is ok)
1 cup Water
¼ cup Cream

Mix well and put into non stick 220mmX110mm meatloaf tin (I line mine
with baking paper)...Cook in preheated oven at 190deg for 40-45
minutes...Turn out to cool on wire rack...ENJOY...I store mine in a paper towel lined plastic container in the fridge...Sliced about 7mm to
8mm thick, it holds together well because of the cheese...This receipe
will keep you regular too which is a problem when low carbing...

Note 1..
For the fibre mix I use
2kg LSA
1kg Phsallm Husks
½kg WPConcentrate (I use WPIsolate if $'s permit)

I premix and store the above ingredients in a large plastic container
and is enough for about 10 loaves...

mishimc Fri, Feb-20-04 19:56

Bread is the thing that I miss most of all on a low carb plan. Thank you for posting your recipe - I will definitely try to make it.
Just wondering how many carbs approx in a slice [I know slices will differ in size but just a general idea would be nice to know]
Another question - what is the difference between Whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate? I managed to get some WPC brand In Shape which seemed to have the lowest carbs in it. Is there something with less carbs than 2.9 per 50grams? Many thanks, Jean

voodaloo Fri, Feb-20-04 20:04

Hi Jean..There are about 10 grams in the whole loaf..WPI is the most pure with no carbs but costs twice the $'s of concentrate ..I make a loaf every third day on average ...John...

voodaloo Fri, Feb-20-04 20:47

Hi Jean.... Go to page 6 and read ...Had BIG Craving...

mishimc Fri, Feb-20-04 22:09

Thanks John for your prompt help and congrats for how well you are doing with your eating plan. On my plan, all my carbs are eaten with or after the evening meal so I am finding it hard to have variety during the day.
Will go look for these muffins!!! Jean

mishimc Mon, Feb-23-04 20:50

This morning I made the bread - was so dubious as to how it would turn out after seeing the mixture but I must say it is delicious!! Even more so I guess after having had no bread for three weeks now!!
I have stored it in the paper towel in the plastic container in the frig and that is something I am going to enjoy very much whenever I NEED some bread!
Next time I buy Whey protein powder, I will ask for the WPI and the one with the lowest Carb count.
Many thanks John for your recipe and I will make some muffins using the same recipe as I love that crunchy crust. Jean

concupnz Wed, Feb-25-04 20:08

just wondering what LSA stands for.Your recipe looks great and I am keen to try it.I currently buy my low carb bread,costs $14 per loaf!

Grendeldog Wed, Feb-25-04 20:58

Yes, what is LSA, and I'm guessing that the 'Phsallm' is Psyllium? If so, do you use the whole husks or powdered husks? Thanks!

Grendeldog Wed, Feb-25-04 21:25

Hi again - I did some further searching and found that LSA is a mix of Linseed, Sunflower and Almond. (In the US, we call it Flax instead of Linseed ... if any of you guys care! :lol: )

CherylAust Sun, Feb-29-04 21:58

thanks for this recipe, I have just made my second loaf. I wanted to see I could get more air into the mix, trying for a lighter slice so I tried beating the egg whites. Was hoping to beat them til soft peaks but was disturbed by a visitor so had to fold them into the rest of the mix at the frothy stage. Did seem to make a little difference, next time I'll try it.

I tend to freeze mine, slice it up first and take slices when I need them.

Recipe's definintely a keeper.


SamyT Mon, Mar-01-04 08:03

Total newbie here and I have a few questions..

Where would I get LSA, WPIsolate (and what brand is preferable?) and Psyllium husks (and do they need to be powdered?)?

I don't bake normally, so I'm even more clueless LOL

Starmaker Mon, Mar-01-04 10:10

Does WPIsolate stand for whey protein isolate? and does the physl husks have to be ground up? Also I can't find anything called LSA anywhere..... where is the person who started this thread? lol

sambalam Mon, Mar-01-04 21:44

the LSA can be found in health food shops and also in the health food section of supermarkets, i buy mine from coles, it is linseed, sunflower seeds and almonds ground up and mixed. WPI does stand for whey protein isolate, and psylluim husks are usually sold same as LSA and generally ground. hope this helps.

voodaloo Mon, Mar-01-04 23:42

Hi mishimc
How did the muffins go ...moreish eh ...where in Aust. are you ?...
For our Canadian visitor, I'm in Queensland Ausrtalia...hope you can find LSA where you are ....John

mishimc Tue, Mar-02-04 19:39

Hello John, I live near Blackwater, west of Rockhampton! I have not made the muffins yet as we have been away for a few days and I TRY to restrict my servings of that yummy bread in a day. On this Slim Forever plan, all carbs should be eaten at or after the evening meal but I am going to have a slice or two of the bread for lunch. Is that when you eat it mainly?
Cheers, Jean

Lush Thu, Mar-04-04 02:59

Hi John,

I am also on the Gold Coast - small world. Am looking forward to trying this recipe - I know I can get all the stuff at my local health food shop and Coles. Maybe tomoroow on a child free day when I can concentrate! lol. Thanks again


Starmaker Thu, Mar-04-04 08:55

Just cannot find any such thing as LSA, can I make it myself maybe? What would be the proper measurements? Do you know? Thanks

sambalam Thu, Mar-04-04 18:24

if you can find ground faxseeds, gound almonds and ground sunflower seeds then you can make LSA. not sure what the measurements should be. maybe experiment until you are happy with the carbs?

ferelannie Thu, Jun-10-04 06:04

LSA was/is a mainstay of Sandra Cabot Liver Cleansing and is also apparently great for reducing cholesterol.
You can get the ordinary LSA or an LSA Meal (put out by a company called Lotus) from you local healthfood store.

Data on the LSA Meal is as follows:

Per serve Per 100g
Energy 1092.2kj 2186.39kj
Protein 10.39g 20.78g
- Total 21.64g 43.27g
- Saturated 1.82g 3.64g
- Total 2.35g 4.69g
- Sugars 2.32g 4.63g
Sodium 8.9g 17.85mg

If you can't find it locally it can be purched online from Sandra Cabot Online

carolined Thu, Jun-17-04 20:10

Hey Mishimc

I'm new here :wave:

Another Slim Forever fan !!!! I have printed out the bread recipe and will try it. Would be nice with soup one night. Funny how you get used to not having carb during the day. Robert Harris is our chiropractor - we think his plan is fantastic. My jusband Rob is at goal and I'm not too far away. Do you have the recipe book? We use it all the time.

John - I also live on the Gold Coast - Surfers Paradise in Waterways Apartments (in front of Chevron Renaissance).

See you later


katey Sat, Jun-19-04 00:17

Hi I'm new here too but have been checking out this forum for awhile.
My husband and I are low carbing and we both are feeling great and have so much energy. I've been using the 'bread' recipe for awhile and think it is fab! For a fast lunch I spread the bread with cream cheese and top with advocado slices and tomato and onion tuna. Last night I used the bread to make cheese crisps - slice the bread really thin, drissle with olive oil, top with parmasen cheese and sprinkle with chicken salt and bake in the oven until crispy.

Just thought I'd share

nicolasix Wed, Jun-23-04 21:38

I just want to stand in front of the oven and smell!
Oh my God. This bread smells *delicious*! I used wheat bran instead of psyllium husks and lordy, I've died and gone to heaven. Thanks for the amazing recipe!

showtime Sat, Jun-26-04 19:35

This stuff rocks!!! made my first loaf last nite and wow.

I have it toasted with butter and cracked pepper pate, or garlic humis.. yum yum.

I hope it is only 10grams per loaf cause its going to make up a good % of my intake. :thup:

showtime Sun, Jun-27-04 02:17

Please Clafify
Does anyone know the exzact carbs per slice or loaf, with or without Fiber as ive done my figures and it doesnt sound right???

lizzylaw Tue, Jun-29-04 00:25

the recipe sounds yummy, can't wait to try it
Does anyone know where in NZ (especially Wgtn) you can get psyllium husks? Or flax husks?


Lizzy Lawrence

showtime Tue, Jun-29-04 01:53

Health food shop
Im in nelson and every H food shop will sell it.

HoopDeeDoo Thu, Jul-01-04 08:15

Thank you John! I'll be baking, baking, baking..
Just delighted with your bread recipe. Baked it tonight. Mine is very seedy and tastes almost as good as whole grain bread. YUM!


sambalam Thu, Jul-01-04 18:33

question: does this bread rise to a reasonable size or is it small?

delia Mon, Jul-12-04 06:59

Hi Sam
I baked mine in a loaf time and it only raised about 2 inches.
Cheers Delia

leesinoz Wed, Aug-11-04 22:33

am new to this list, and am currently on day 13 of Low Carb !
I am going to try the bread today, but when I tried to buy the WPI, they ALL had either vanilla or chocolate flavoring ! The Health Food Shop owner suggested I try straight Whey powder.
So will see how that goes ! I'm in rural Victoria, 68km NW of Ballarat.

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