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voodaloo Sat, Nov-22-14 04:24

Hi All.... And another year has passed, I am 72 today... take care..John

Rosebud Sat, Nov-22-14 18:12

Happy birthday, John! :bday:

Kristine Sat, Nov-29-14 14:06

Happy belated birthday! We share a birthday - I just turned the big four-oh. :)

stevekos Tue, Feb-03-15 04:56

Hi all. I'm a newbie here so I don't know how live this topic is still, but I make a similar loaf I found online and it's a real winner. I can make rolls for lunch and nobody looks at me funny for eating 'rabbit food'. My wife absolutely loves it and pesters me to make more each time the supply runs low. The main difference is that it's made with sour cream and reminds me of sourdough - my favourite bread.

Tcrulz Fri, Feb-13-15 19:19

Hi Stevekos, I'm a newby too and always looking for a new recipe. Any chance you can post a copy here. Cheers Glenn :) .

voodaloo Sun, Nov-22-15 17:49

Happy Birthday Kristine.........I've got to 73.. can hardly believe it, always thought three score years and ten was the top

Mintaka Thu, Oct-06-16 13:55

Hi Voodaloo,
I just saw your bread recipe and will give it a go.
I just had surgery and feel like a treat. I find out next week whether I have cancer.

Mintaka Sat, Oct-22-16 17:50

I just made this recipe. I calculate that it has 57 g of carb per loaf which is about 5 g per slice. It is delicious. LSA has 24 g of carb per 100 g and there are 200 g of LSA per loaf if my maths is correct. Perhaps there is a lower carb LSA.

voodaloo Sat, Oct-22-16 20:41

My LSA packet says 1.6g per 100g carbs... Ingredient list says, Linseed 50%, Sunflower seed 35%, Almond 15%...Dietary Fibre is 24.3g per 100g which are not counted carbs...

Mintaka Sat, Oct-22-16 21:04

Helloooooo Voodaloo!
What brand of LSA are you using? The stuff I just bought in Brisbane says per 100 g
Protein 21.6 g
Fat 42.4 g
Carbohydrate 14.4 g (2.3 g sugar)
Sodium 35.4 g
Dietary Fibre 19.6 g

Don't know the mix ratio but says "Crushed linseed, Granulated sunflower kernals, Raw almond meal."

Love this bread. So does hubby!

Mintaka Wed, Sep-27-17 00:22

I am still making this bread. I have substituted milk kefir for cream, and water kefir for the water. I tried using milk kefir and plain water, and replacing the water with milk kefir. I have also had success with nutritional yeast replacing Parmesan cheese.
I love this bread!!

voodaloo Wed, Nov-22-17 01:18

Well..I'm still here...75 years today... I try to stay as low as possible with the carbs.... Stay safe everyone... JC

Rosebud Wed, Nov-22-17 02:03

Happy birthday, Voodaloo! :Party:

Kristine Thu, Nov-23-17 12:52

Happy birthday again! I had a great birthday and hope you did also. :)

voodaloo Thu, Nov-23-17 17:16

Happy Birthday to you too... Actually I'm 75, hit the wrong key and didn't look before I clicked send... ..Stay safe...John

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