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elkay Sat, Nov-20-04 01:21

John, no offence taken, I just wondered why what I asked was so amusing, now you have explained I can see why you laughed.
So I guess I better not put it in the Bread maker eh!

Balance Tue, May-30-06 05:47

I'm defiantly going to give this a go on the weekend, not much of a cook but we all have to start somewhere.

Thanks so much to the original poster, I to have missed being able to use bread its such an easyway to make a snack or meal on the run. :wave:

EmilyBeau Sun, Jun-18-06 01:33

Hi All,

I tried this bread today - it does certainly smell delicious & taste quite nice.

It does have the consistancy of a cake rather than bread though - do you think I would get a better result if I substituted the baking powder for yeast and let the mixture rise first?

Has anyone tried any variations to this recipe?


Analog6 Mon, Jun-19-06 22:13

LSA is linseed/sunflower /almond, ground up. I get it premixed in bulk at my local Go-Vita health food store.

Here is a bread recipe I found somehwre else on this site. I have all the ingredients but haven't made it yet. There were a lot of comments that it was good on he other thread though.

I only bought enough of the fibre mix ingredients (see end of recipe) to try it - I got 1/4 each of the amount he specifies.

It looks like a bread, it tastes like a bread and I use it as a bread...Over the last six months I have refined the recipe to the point where it now forms the base of my LC foods...It's quick to make,(5 minutes to mix, 40 minutes to cook, 2 minutes to clean up and two days to eat), it's very filling and it's LOW CARB...You can toast it, you can make sandwiches with it, sliced thin you can use it as a pizza base...If you did it with HC bread you can do it with this and not feel guilty.
2 cups Fibre Mix (see note 1)
1 tb/s Baking Powder
1 t/s Salt
½ cup Grated Cheese (Dry mix these 4 ingredients)

2 Eggs
1 tb/s Oil (I use flaxseed oil, canola or olive oil is ok)
1 cup Water
¼ cup Cream

Mix well and put into non stick 220mmX110mm meatloaf tin (I line mine with baking paper)...Cook in preheated oven at 190deg for 40-45 minutes...Turn out to cool on wire rack...ENJOY...I store mine in a paper towel lined plastic container in the fridge...Sliced about 7mm to 8mm thick, it holds together well because of the cheese...This recipe will keep you regular too which is a problem when low carbing.

Note 1

For the fibre mix I use
2kg LSA (linseed, sunflower & almond, ground)
1kg Psyllum Husks
½kg Whey Protein Concentrate (I use WP Isolate if $'s permit)

I premix and store the above ingredients in a large plastic container and is enough for about 10 loaves.

Balance Tue, Jun-20-06 15:28

Analog6, thats the original mix from the person who started the post, it seems to have gone full circle O well , I have tried it and for me it was an acceptable exchange nothings going to replace the lightness that comes with real bread I afraid.

voodaloo Tue, Jun-20-06 16:33

Emilybeau.....Yeast needs sugar to work and the last thing you need is sugar ...John...

EmilyBeau Wed, Jun-21-06 02:12

Well yes obviously I don't need sugar LOL.

So what does the Atkins Bread Mix have in it that makes it more of a bread consistency?

voodaloo Wed, Jun-21-06 02:19

Hi EmilyBeau...I personally haven't come across Atkins Bread Mix but a total list of ingredients should be on the packet it comes in...Have a read and see what's in it ...John...

Analog6 Sat, Jun-24-06 15:20

The bread (Voodaloo's original recipe) is absultely bloody well gorgeous! I made it last night and just had a peice toasted with vegemite (a yeast spread) and it is delectable. I'm having 2 boiled eggs with TOAST for breakfast.
I used a breadmaker that a friend lent me. I set it on non-yeast loaves and it took 1 1/2 hours from go to whoa and is so easy I'll make another loaf today and freeze it.
Try this, you will love it!

voodaloo Fri, May-13-11 22:07

Hi Folks... Yes, voodaloo is still alive and kicking at 68 years of age..It is over seven years ago I posted this thread and I am glad to see more than 21000 people have read it. I hope most of them tried it and enjoyed it as much as I do and that it has helped to keep them on the low carb track.... Take care all... John...

rosycoma Sat, Oct-01-11 01:04

I just made this bread and I love it! My husband asked me to leave a comment as he was very doubtful this would turn out well but he now wants to eat this with me! (never would have predicted this). Thanks so much for the recipe it has opened my eyes.

voodaloo Thu, Nov-22-12 05:07

Hi All..... Turned 70 today so I.m still hanging in there...Take care..John

TheSchwiz Sat, Aug-24-13 09:37

Thanks, John for the awesome recipe!

I had to create and account just to give you some thanks. I was resigned to the fact that bread was forever off my list until I found this post.

I found most of the ingredients on Amazon but I did have to make my own LSA flour. I used the 3, 2, 1, proportions posted on this thread and pulsed them in my wife's Vitamix blender. They ended up kinda chunky but I actually like it that way. I mixed the wet and the dry ingredients together by hand in a large stainless steel bowl. I may not have mixed enough, however because the bread came out a little gritty. Maybe next time I will try a mixer with a dough hook or some hand kneading to break it all down more.

Thanks again for sharing your recipe!

Newark, Delaware USA

jbmoore Sat, Aug-24-13 13:27

Hi John. I just saw this bread recipe for the first time today. It sounds delicious. I can't wait to try it.

Just wanted to drop by and say thanks. :D

South Alabama

voodaloo Fri, Nov-22-13 18:00

Hi All... Have made it through another year, was 71 yesterday.. I am amazed that 47,770 people have read my thread and hope that most of them are enjoying my recipe.. Take care.. John..

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