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NZKiwiana Sat, Oct-09-04 23:32

Hiya EmmaB thanks for the reply I appreciate it. I look forward to trying this bread out soon :)

ausgirl Fri, Nov-05-04 22:09

This bread is incredible. Last night I made a pizza with it. I made the recipe and splooshed it down into a large shallow baking tray, then cooked it, then put the pizza toppings on, then back into the oven until the toppings cooked. Even the kids ate it.

Next time I'm going to make a smoked salmon and fetta pizza, and put the mixture in thinner so it's like a thin pan rather than tasting like a thick pan like it did last night.

:q: Is it really low carb? Really? Really? Really? Just seems too good to be true. And I'd hate to cheat on this diet without intentionally doing so.



EmmaB Fri, Nov-05-04 22:40

Hi Ausgirl. Here's the data I got out of Fitday a few months ago when I first made the bread. I used custom foods (details off the packages) for the LSA, the psyllium husks and the WPI (mine is 0.9g carbs per 100g).

Total Cals: 1148
Fat: 93g (840cals - 76% of total cals)
Carbs: 41g (32cals - 3% of total cals)
Fiber: 33g (0cals)
Protein: 60g (239cals - 22% of total cals)

Which means net carbs of 8g per loaf. This will be slightly higher if you use WPConcentrate rather than isolate. Even if you only get 8 servings out of a loaf (I probably get around 12 servings, it's so filling), it's still on 1g net carbs per serve. Pretty good for yummy bread.

Hope that helps!


ausgirl Sat, Nov-06-04 00:59

Em, thats great. Thanks.

Will have to make another batch tomorrow.


cgm707 Wed, Nov-10-04 14:32

how much ingredients to use to make LSA?
I called several places and cannot locate LSA (I live in San Diego, California). I am also not much of a baker or cook....Any idea what quantities of the ingredients to use to make LSA?


Chris Milligan

Originally Posted by voodaloo
It looks like a bread, it tastes like a bread and I use it as a bread
...Over the last six months I have refined the receipe to the point
where it now forms the base of my LC foods...It's quick to make,(5
minutes to mix, 40 minutes to cook, 2 minutes to clean up and two days
to eat), it's very filling and it's LOW CARB...You can toast it, you
can make sandwiches with it, sliced thin you can use it as a pizza
base...If you did it with HC bread you can do it with this and not feel

2 cups Fibre Mix (see note 1)
1 tb/s Baking Powder
1 t/s Salt
½ cup Grated Cheese (Dry mix these 4 ingredients)

2 Eggs
1 tb/s Oil (I use flaxseed oil, canola or olive oil is ok)
1 cup Water
¼ cup Cream

Mix well and put into non stick 220mmX110mm meatloaf tin (I line mine
with baking paper)...Cook in preheated oven at 190deg for 40-45
minutes...Turn out to cool on wire rack...ENJOY...I store mine in a paper towel lined plastic container in the fridge...Sliced about 7mm to
8mm thick, it holds together well because of the cheese...This receipe
will keep you regular too which is a problem when low carbing...

Note 1..
For the fibre mix I use
2kg LSA
1kg Phsallm Husks
½kg WPConcentrate (I use WPIsolate if $'s permit)

I premix and store the above ingredients in a large plastic container
and is enough for about 10 loaves...

cgm707 Wed, Nov-10-04 14:37

where on Sandra Cabot's website is LSA?
I went to Sandra Cabot's website and can't find LSA :(

Originally Posted by ferelannie
LSA was/is a mainstay of Sandra Cabot Liver Cleansing and is also apparently great for reducing cholesterol.
You can get the ordinary LSA or an LSA Meal (put out by a company called Lotus) from you local healthfood store.

Data on the LSA Meal is as follows:

Per serve Per 100g
Energy 1092.2kj 2186.39kj
Protein 10.39g 20.78g
- Total 21.64g 43.27g
- Saturated 1.82g 3.64g
- Total 2.35g 4.69g
- Sugars 2.32g 4.63g
Sodium 8.9g 17.85mg

If you can't find it locally it can be purched online from Sandra Cabot Online

EmmaB Wed, Nov-10-04 16:24

Hi cgm, sorry you've been having so much trouble with this. I hadn't realised how hard it would be to get LSA outside Australia. Here's a recipe I found here which sounds right to me.

1-1/2 cups flaxseed (linseed)
1 cup sunflower seed
1/2 cup almonds

and blend in food processor till like coarse breadcrumbs.

So the ratio you want is 3:2:1 of flax:sunflower:almonds

elkay Fri, Nov-19-04 16:49


Does anyone know if this recipe could be made in a bread machine

EmmaB Fri, Nov-19-04 16:53

Elkay, here's a cut and paste of something I wrote on the previous page:
No unfortunately this wouldn't go very well in a breadmaker at all because it's not made with yeast. Breadmakers are specially designed to knead and rise dough because yeast needs that sort of treatment to rise. The baking powder in this recipe means you cook it in the oven just like a cake. It tastes like a really nice, seedy bread but it's cooked like a cake.

You could try it in the breadmaker but it will only rise a bit, the kneading will probably take a lot of the omph out of the baking power and I think it will dry out way too much because of all the kneading and heating. Plus the dough will probably be way too sticky and moist for the breadmaker to deal with, not like the usual firm bread dough that forms into a ball.

It's really easy to make in the oven though, enjoy!

Hope that helps!


voodaloo Fri, Nov-19-04 16:56

hi elkay... in a bread machine a word ...NO...LOL

EmmaB Fri, Nov-19-04 17:00

VOODALOO! You're still alive! It's great to see you posting in your thread again! I feel like a disciple of yours, I love your bread so much :)


P.S. I noticed a cut of paste of your recipe had been posted on a Christian low carb board without any acknowledgement of the source at all (found it while searching for LSA ratios). It really p***ed me off but I had to register in order to post so I just let it slide.

voodaloo Fri, Nov-19-04 17:38

Hi em...yeah, I'm still alive ..only the good die young..been a bit naughty this year but I'm back on the wagon again now ..thank you for your kind thoughts..I am a bit staggered at the number of hits on my thread and it is nice to know so many people have enjoyed my receipe..take care ..John..x

voodaloo Fri, Nov-19-04 17:59

I have taken the liberty of recalling this post by dietcoke for I think it fits into this thread ....

#13 Fri, Feb-27-04, 01:46
New Member

Posts: 11 Plan: Atkins
Stats: 110/97/90


hi cheryaust and others,

ok i'd tried baking fibrex with my microwave and yesss it works! i made some choco bread and they were absolutely heavenly (texture is kinda like bodhi's bread)! the best part is, it took me only 2 mins to prepare to 2.5 mins to nuke it in the microwave no way am i ever eating fibrex as a cereal ever again!

the entire bread looks like 3 slices of normal bread slices. but i ate the entire thing all by myself *rubs happy tummy*

50g FibreX
1/4 Tsp baking powder
2 Tbsp unsweetened baking cocoa powder
4 Tbsp Splenda (or to your taste)
1 Tbsp Double Cream
2 eggs
20g melted butter
enough water (very little!) to mix above into a thick pourable consistency

1. mix all ingredients together (i used a blender but hand will be fine) and add a little water at a time until the ingredients turns into a normal cake pourable mixture (not too watery)
2. line a microwavable lunchbox (to save on washing and ease of removing the bread later) with gladwrap and pour in the mixture
3. nuke for 2.5 - 3 mins in microwave

i melted 2 blocks of cadbury's lite chocolates and spread over the entire mini "bread" and it was mucho-yumbo!

I make this receipe often, especially when I'm in a hurry ..I have tried a few changes ,more baking powder,only one egg,no coco,no splenda but a hand full of grated cheese..either way it hits the warning..nuke for 3 minutes max..turn out to cool then be a little piggie and enjoy ... dietcoke babe, take a bow...thanks ..John...xx

elkay Fri, Nov-19-04 22:58

John, what do you find so amusing about my question???

voodaloo Sat, Nov-20-04 00:26

Hi elkay ...didn't mean to offend but the mixture has the consistency of porridge before it's cooked and I had this vision of the beadmachine flicking it all round the kitchen and it was that that struck my funny bone apologies..John..

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