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penguini Sat, Aug-21-04 05:46

bread recipe
I'm new here. Voodaloo, I have bought the ingredients for the bread, but if I add up the fibre mix carbs just for one loaf, it comes to 107carbs! These are the products:

Nu-Vit LSA mix 56.4 carbs per 200g
Nature's Image 31 carbs per 50g
psyllium husks 20 carbs per 100g

Have I got the wrong products?
I appreciate any help you can give.

EmmaB Sat, Aug-21-04 07:17

Nu-Vit LSA has the carbs/fibre displayed in the American style. So for their products, subtract the fibre count from the carb count to get the net carbs. Australian products are supposed to list carbs not including fibre. I'm not sure why Nu-Vit do it the wrong way but it sure is annoying!

LSA is around 6g of carbs per 100g
Psyllium is around 0g of carbs per 100g (it's almost pure fibre so you don't digest any of it).

You've got the right products :) I made bread with the Nu-Vit LSA a few days ago and it's lovely.


penguini Sat, Aug-21-04 21:32

Thanks so much for your info. I was just thinking, what will I cook today? Now I can do the bread.

Thanks again
Penguini :agree:

NZKiwiana Mon, Aug-23-04 02:10

I went off the atkins for 5 months and have put on 6 kgs so I am going to start back on the atkins

I will have to try that bread also sounds great. I can't stomach the low carb bread which I have been buying.

I take my bread to the supermarket and ask the bakery department to slice it for me and theymslice it into 16 thin slices which makes it more accurate for my carb counting.

penguini Fri, Sep-03-04 01:04

Another bread question. Ive just been to my physio and he says that there is a new bread out that he saw in a magazine which has 50% less carbs and it is called Moore's. I can't find it. Has anyone seen this one? Also I cooked Voodaloo's bread but cut it when it was still hot (couldn't wait). but it went flat like about 4cm high! It's not practical to eat bread like that. Is this 'cause I cut it before it cooled, or is it just a very low bread? By the way, quite tasty.
Any tips would be so appreciated.
Penguini xx

katey Fri, Sep-03-04 21:07

I've bought Moore's low carb bread from Woolworths. The loaf is about the size of the Burgen bread range. About 18 carbs for 2 slices of Moore's low carb bread. Almost $4 for a loaf though, so I have only bought it a couple of times.

teletubbie Thu, Sep-09-04 00:18

hello voodaloo, i am new to this forum and stumbled across your bread recipe!
i gave it a go but it didn't rise at all so what i ended up with was a flat log of LSA!!! :)
let me just add that instead of the WPI or WPC i just used whey powder because the WPI/WPC was too expensive the cheapest at $28 for a small container, does that make a difference?
i hope you can help me perfect how i am making it because there are a lot of people depending on me getting it rite before passing it on to them!
eagerly waiting for your reply...

fatburner Sun, Sep-12-04 21:45

Has anyone tried wheat protein isolate to make bread ? It's believe it is much lower in carbs than even gluten flour. I'm not going near any bread substitute until it's lower in carbs than 'cheesebread' made with hazelnut meal which has about .1 g carb per slice and tastes wonderful. However it lacks that 'elasticity' of wheat bread . So maybe wheat protein isolate will be the answer. Although I believe it is very expensive.

kiwigal Sun, Sep-12-04 22:13

fatburner..check out m hamptons recipe in the baked goods forum, inexpensive ingredients and GREAT taste..almost like the real mccoy! It's called "low carb wheat bread"

delia Mon, Sep-13-04 08:23

Yes I have made a bread with wheat protein isolate. It rose up wonderful and was quite nice to eat.

NZKiwiana Fri, Oct-08-04 16:49

Hi, Can this bread recipe be made in a breadmaker instead of a conventional oven?

Thanks Kiwi

Alex123 Sat, Oct-09-04 21:10

I have recently started using empower FibreX. It can be used as a cereal (2.2g carb per serving), as a topping such as in fruit crumble (about 1.1g crb per serving) and you can also make a loaf (.6g carb per slice). I found this is my local health food shop.

EmmaB Sat, Oct-09-04 21:19

Hi Kiwi,

No unfortunately this wouldn't go very well in a breadmaker at all because it's not made with yeast. Breadmakers are specially designed to knead and rise dough because yeast needs that sort of treatment to rise. The baking powder in this recipe means you cook it in the oven just like a cake. It tastes like a really nice, seedy bread but it's cooked like a cake.

You could try it in the breadmaker but it will only rise a bit, the kneading will probably take a lot of the omph out of the baking power and I think it will dry out way too much because of all the kneading and heating. Plus the dough will probably be way too sticky and moist for the breadmaker to deal with, not like the usual firm bread dough that forms into a ball.

It's really easy to make in the oven though, enjoy!


patchesnz Sat, Oct-09-04 21:58

can you have this bread on induction

EmmaB Sat, Oct-09-04 22:45

Hi Patches, because it contains seeds and nuts you can't have it during the first two weeks of induction but can have it after that, even if you plan to stay on induction a while longer.

Hope that helps.

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