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Jetamio Wed, Apr-14-21 15:32

Does this happen to you?
Hi all,

I've recently recommitted to LC/HF eating to get myself back on track. I have an old Bowflex tread climber that I use for 30 minutes 3-4 times a week. I also do 30 minutes of yoga after each session on the tread climber. The last few months I also do 1-2 hikes per week for an average of 5 miles each on rough terrain. Overall, this all feels good for my body. However, I definitely see impact in terms of weight fluctuations. I know its glycogen stores and related water and it does release after a couple of rest days but it definitely is discouraging sometimes. Do any of you see this as well or have any advice? I make sure to get my water in and watch my carbs...

k8ty Thu, Apr-15-21 09:41

Yep this happens to me for sure. When I do strength training I hold on to a couple extra lbs for 1-3 days, when I do aerobic activity I usually drop an extra lb the next day. Regardless of temporary gains/losses, I still have an overall downward trend of almost 2 lbs per week (I'm in week 5 but this is not my first go-around).

Paul in KS Sun, Dec-26-21 11:35

I gain a bit of weight the day after doing squats or dead lifts.

thud123 Mon, Dec-27-21 10:56

Same, after pounding on my body in sport and I'm sore, up a as much as a couple Kg - Just make that your new weight :) and be surprised when it comes down, then goes back up, then goes down again...

having your weight fluctuate like that shows that you are putting in the work :)

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