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WereBear Mon, Apr-25-22 17:06

Hot Chocolate Protein Smoothie
The timing is more for my friends in the Southern Hemisphere, as spring appears where I am, but it's a mountain spring and the mornings are chilly enough for me to have this each morning since I've perfected my version.

I'll just tell you what I do, and then adjust oneself accordingly. Because I get 45-50 grams in each serving, which occupies a 20 ounce thermo-mug. This lets me sip with enjoyment, because protein is hard work, and too much at once can cause upset. Work yourself up to it, and try a Betaine HCL regimen if needed. DH got off those Nexium-type drugs with it, and we're both very happy about that.

Since I'm feeling low, I take one Betaine with my big mug, and it's a wonderful experience. I think the fat in the drink makes it my Bulletproof Coffee version, only I'm off coffee, and the cocoa in this drink is theobromine, and it's slowly absorbed because of the fat and protein content. (This is different from the roasted cocoa beans, since I liked to drink a 20 oz cup of that, and it was too speedy and bad for my cortisol levels. This is juuuuuuuuust right.)

I start with a scoop of Aldis whey protein, chocolate flavor, which is a big scoop: 30 grams
Then I put in a scoop of Sierra Fit, Keto Shake, Chocolate. It has digestive enzymes, also helping me get my protein to start the day. 5 grams, with these ingredients:

Whey Protein / Medium Chain Triglycerides / Coconut Oil / Casein / Sunflower Lecithin / Choline

Enzyme Blend

Lipase / Cellulase / Hemicellulase / Xylanase / Bromelain / Papain

And I only do whey protein, even though I miss the bars, but they always have soy protein isolate, which has serious issues with pesticides and herbicides. Besides, my body can't get much use from plant protein.

So with these scoops at the bottom, I add only enough COLD water to make a paste. This is the emulsify stage we must do, but it doesn't have to be standing at the stove. Once it's pasty, then I add the boiling water and some cream (seriously, a quarter cup is what I use, but it's all fat so you do you.) It also makes it easy to get the right drinking temperature, without waiting.

Which is very important to me. I can at least rebel against waiting around for my hot beverage to cool.

I have never looked forward to breakfast, more :)

Kristine Tue, Apr-26-22 04:27

About a year ago, I bought some chocolate-flavoured protein powder. It was Paleo Tribe brand, and it's bone broth protein. It suggested on the label to try it as hot chocolate. I thought that sounded gross, but hey, it's broth powder! Why wouldn't it work as hot chocolate? :idea:

I'm not much of a hot-drink-sipper these days, but I made it as a traveler on a freezing winter day where I had to wait for a bus to work. I made it a mocha, with some coffee. I added coconut oil because that tends to give me a bit of a hot flash, and I wanted to stay warm. It was pretty nice! It got the job done. :thup: I wouldn't hesitate to do it every day if I was taking a bus in the cold.

I don't know what kind of mug you use, but my travel mug is tall and slim. I got a milk frother for ten bucks on amazon, and it works perfectly to blend the paste before (and while) you add the hot water.

WereBear Tue, Apr-26-22 06:36

I have the NaNoWriMo model

Snazziest I've ever had. Copper core for long thermos action! My reward for doing National Novel Writing Month, twice :)

Didn't hit the word count either time, but with my Lumpy Outline method of writing I invented for my return to fiction, I did plot out 2/3rds of my novel, and last month I figured out the ending.

WereBear Thu, May-12-22 11:35

Update: I no longer drink it plain. I have cayenne and raspberry versions.

It's not easy. Cayenne is a matter of taste and easy to mix. But what really works are my "raspberry crumbs." I buy fresh raspberries on sale and freeze them spread apart in a plastic bag, and once frozen, I just crumble them in the bag. This works, because I don't mind eating the raspberry bits. They're real, and I sure can't say that about any other raspberry bits I've run across.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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