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yossi Thu, Jul-29-04 10:59

Low Carb Products to AVOID
I think we should start compiling a list of "low carb" products that contain hydrogenated oils, and should be avoided all together. Especially for those who are less informed, and automatically assume a product labeled as LC will be healthy, so, pitch in and list any products you know belong to the list:

1. Special K LC cereal - contains partially hydrogenated oils
2. AdvantEDGE Morning Bars - contains partially hydrogenated oils


Add to the list

Sandy39 Thu, Jul-29-04 17:30

I think this is an excellent idea and would appreciate other people's input like this.

Also maybe the bad tasting ones too as well as unhealthy.


scott123 Thu, Jul-29-04 18:59

Carb options peanut butter

Lessara Thu, Jul-29-04 19:18

Scott, why Carb options peanut butter?

featherz Thu, Jul-29-04 20:17

It has transfats and natural PB is similar in carbs and just has 'peanuts, salt'. :)

scott123 Thu, Jul-29-04 22:45

Featherz is right.

carb options peanut butter - contains partially hydrogenated oils

I think some people are under the assumption that it contains very small amounts of hydrogenated oil. I'm skeptical. Hopefully when/if the FDA ever puts trans fat labeling regulations into effect, we'll see the truth. Or maybe they'll just make the serving size reeeeeally small so that it comes up 0 trans fats. Grrrrrr.

BBQman Thu, Jul-29-04 22:54

Total PROTEIN is disgusting

CarolynC Thu, Jul-29-04 22:57

I like Total Protein. It's my favorite low carb cereal.

BBQman Thu, Jul-29-04 23:22

Really, I thought it was one of the most vile things I have ever put in my mouth, but I guess everyone has different tastes

golflady59 Fri, Jul-30-04 06:31

Cheetos edge. They are disgusting, don't waste your money.

BlitzedAng Fri, Jul-30-04 07:00

I agree golflady... Horrid. I spit it in a napkin and guzzled some water.. DH loved them tho.. Go figure.


blessedbei Fri, Jul-30-04 09:00

I'm keeping my Carb Options peanut butter. I've probably eaten worse things through the years. Eating a dab of peanut butter once in awhile isn't going to be that bad. Besides, I've cut out a lot of other things.

Thanks for the reviews on the cereals and the Cheetos Edge. I won't waste my money trying them.

Futurist Fri, Jul-30-04 12:42

There are so many low carb foods with the transfat problem, among other things--I always read ingredient labels. Here are a few frustrating ones:
Mission Low Carb Tortillas (I emailed them and told them to use nonhydrogenated lard)
Zcarb peanut butter bars (this is such a shame. I love all of their other products and I realy hope they change their formula)
Carborite shortbread, peanut butter, and chocolate chip cookies (these really are mostly transfats, which annoys me to no end, as only the chocolate chip one has any non-erythritol polyols.)

Sandy39 Fri, Jul-30-04 17:03

Atkins Banana Nut muffins mix

I tried this and it was so gross I threw it out and that is hard to do when money is tight.

I find the banana mini muffin recipe I make off of here is much better.


scott123 Fri, Jul-30-04 17:05

Futurist, I am thoroughly annoyed by carborite cookies as well. Actually... more than annoyed. To sell a low carb product with THAT much trans fat in it shows a blatant disregard for the lc woe and the precepts that support it.

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