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teaser Fri, Dec-28-18 08:49

Milk cereal drinks fatten babies

In five-year-old children, the risk for overweight is almost twice as high if they at 12 months had consumed milk cereal drinks every day, a study in the journal Acta Paediatrica shows.

"Milk cereal drinks are not bad as such; how it's used is the problem. That is, when it's seen not as a meal but as an extra, to supplement other food," says Bernt Alm, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

There's more, but this is the good bits. Liquid calories, that's the problem. In a one year old... Who calorie restricts a one year old? You, in the back, with your hand up--you suck.

"Milk cereal drinks are not bad as such; actually consuming them is the problem." Fixed.

Blue Ruby Fri, Dec-28-18 11:04

Originally Posted by teaser
"Milk cereal drinks are not bad as such; actually consuming them is the problem." Fixed.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I also think that the type of parent (anxious? Controlling food? “I’m cold so my kids need to wear extra sweaters”?) who would add extra food between meals because babies and children “need it” might be the types of adults who model over-eating, encourage eating when not hungry, or using food for comfort and soothing ... and end up have children with a higher risk of obesity.

When we don’t offer highly refined, sugar-and-fat-added, or “flavoured” foods (be it so-called natural flavours or not, the intensity of flavouring trips the body into cravings) experience with little ones (18 foster sweeties over the years) is that they tend not to eat if not hungry.

Meme#1 Fri, Dec-28-18 11:12

The link said the cereal mix is flour and milk.....
So they're pretty much feeding them gravy!

mike_d Fri, Dec-28-18 20:04

Baby gravy :)

Dodger Sat, Dec-29-18 10:11

I never heard of milk cereal drinks before. They must be something relatively new.

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