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Ayustar Tue, May-24-05 19:59

This is awesome, so very, very awesome.
I weighed myself today, 111.5 pounds. I couldn't believe this. I was stuck at 120 for the longest time. Like for a year or a little more. I couldn't do anything about it. I stuck to Atkins with little cheats here and there, like any normal person. I just couldn't get anything to move. Everyone told me I didn't need to lose anymore and that I look great. Though, when I looked in the mirror I didn't feel like I looked good and I knew I needed to lose more. I never though I would and I would just stay at the same weight. I did for the longest time until I found out about the meat and egg fast. Which really got me into ketosis and I had to cut out alot of the stuff I was eating, though it was low carb but I guess I am VERY carb sensitive.

I am SO close to my goal. This is more of a mini goal for me. Maybe 105 would be more ideal. I am not sure. Going to see how I look. I am VERY short so don't think I want to go overboard with being thin. I am only 4'10 and everyone says I have a really small frame. SO that is why I think I can stand to lose a bit more even after this goal.

Thanks to everyone who supported me and gave me some good tips and ideas on this forum. You guys rock!! Thanks so much!!!

serrelind Wed, May-25-05 04:57

Hi! Congrats on your success. Very inspiring! You look great!!!!

Katzue Wed, May-25-05 05:00

Wow, I started out ten pounds heavier, but I have a slightly higher goal. Nice to see someone have success with the same 60 or so pounds I seem to have... It's hard to lose for me too. If you ever have any advice, shoot it my way-- and congrats!

jenny114 Wed, May-25-05 12:21

Is that you in the picture? you look awesome!

Katzue Wed, May-25-05 13:42

In the gallery? Yes, it is-- Thank you!

Ayustar Thu, May-26-05 16:39

Hey thanks so much guys!! I was just having a hard time getting rid of some of my last pounds so I tried meat and egg fast. It works wonders believe me!! I love it.

108 today.

Katzue Thu, May-26-05 20:07

Originally Posted by Katzue
In the gallery? Yes, it is-- Thank you!

I'm JKing. Ayustar, you look amazing!

Meghan Wed, Jan-04-06 19:28

You look great I have been stuck for the last year as well so reading this is very encouraging!

burchets Sat, Apr-15-06 09:41

You're such a beautiful girl. Congrats!

kimbo1926 Sat, Apr-15-06 13:07


peony8702 Mon, Apr-17-06 18:59

You are an inspiration!!!! You looK fab---u-lous! I am VERY short too, I've got a couple inches on you, but I am and packing 195lbs.
i AM JUSt STARTING atkins , agin , adn have a real hard time getting into Ketosis...was on Atkins 10 years ago, follow it very carefully......need to exercise alot..

weezerchic Sat, Aug-26-06 21:24

u look very pretty in your b4 pic. so u must be stunning now

JudyPinkey Sun, Aug-27-06 23:48

Fantastic.... Let me know what the meat and egg fast is?? You look Beautiful....

pasiongina Fri, Sep-22-06 07:16

Hey girl,
congrats on your success...i bet it feels amazing! Well I am like you. I am short and 119 is just not working for me. So I started low-carb a couple of days ago. Anyways, I was wondering if you could tell me how long it took you and give me some pointers. When will I be a size 2 or smaller!!!!!! lol
THanks a ton

*jen* Fri, Sep-22-06 12:45

Congratulations! What a transformation you've gone through. What size clothing were you when you started and right now with your loss?

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