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Niquie Thu, Mar-18-10 18:02

Eh, anybody out there ?
Just joined this website but it seems like nobody has posted for sometime on the Irish forum. I failed at Atkins before, any Irish buddies out there? Starting again tomorrow but I have questions that you guys might be able to help me with so I don't screw up again re cream in coffee, alcohol etc. :help:

Ginadublin Tue, Apr-13-10 04:08


I have just found this site too and am in Dublin

Niquie Wed, Apr-14-10 02:44

Hi Gina
Nice to see we have some Paddys onboard, I'm from Co. Clare but I'm originally from Dublin. How are you getting on so far?
I really love this website by the way - tonnes of support, it's great.

Ginadublin Thu, Apr-15-10 02:17

Hi Nicky

Nice to have someone to chat to about his atkins, I dont know anyone else doing it and all im getting if i mention it to friends or family is that its unhealthy etc etc

well have to say it works for me ! Am at the end of week three, and down ten pounds, I lost the ten pounds in the first two weeks and seemed to have stalled this week, but I have read that this is normal (water retention etc. TOTM).

I notice very much the inch loss. I was terribly bloated looking for carbs but within a few days this had gone - which was fab. Have another 16 pounds to lose and I will be happy and THIN ! YIPPEE

How are you getting on?


Niquie Fri, Apr-16-10 03:04

Gina that's amazing. I so wish I only had 16lbs to go. I too find that Atkins is the only thing that works for me but I've been doing it since feb then crashed and burned then started again mid march, lost 6lbs in 6 days, stalled put it all back on and finally I'm back on track with a half stone gone and 22lbs left to go.

I have PCOS so it's really hard to loose weight for me. I never eat much but I just came to the conclusion that if I don't exercise EVERY day for about an hour I just won't loose a thing.

Don't mind the friends and family. Mine are so sick of me going on about my weight that they are glad I found something that seems to work just so I might finally shut-up about how fat I am. I'm really tall so I'm sick of hearing "but you're tall, you can carry it".

I too am looking forward to being a skinny biatch hee hee.

Ginadublin Fri, Apr-16-10 07:02

Niquie, well done on your weight loss so far. I have done this diet before too and as soon as I stalled I gave up - got peed off that it wasnt shifing quick enough, but am now determined to stick with it even with the stalls (which are inevitable due to water retention, TOTM, etc.,)

Yep, like you its the only diet for me. I tried Weight Watchers so many times - got sick of paying every week and rejoining numerous times - it didnt work, I would be "good" for one week lose a couple of pounds, STARVIN all the time and put back the couple of pounds plus one.

Love Atkins, cos i like the allowed food, steaks, chicken, mayo, cheese, etc - its great cos even i go out for a meal, I can order a large steak mushrooms and onions and thats loads.

have been having the odd day where I need the something sweet and been buying the sugar free powered jelly from Dunnes and Tesco sell it - and having a bowl of that with cream - yum :)

the biggest motivation for me this time is that I need to slim back into my summer clothes (I lost a couple of stones last year after having my tonsils out - couldnt eat for a few weeks - so threw out all my bigger sizes and bought smaller ones). Anyway piled back on the weight and nothing fits me. Cant afford to buy a whole new wardrobe again (recessionary times) so have to slim back into them. Also, hate looking fat in the summer - as have to bare the arms and legs more LOL

We will both be fabulous and skinny - takes time, but hey this diet is quicker than most !!

chat you soon x

Ginadublin Fri, Apr-16-10 07:08

just read the bit about PCOS and exercise. I am lucky to live beside the phoenix park in dublin, i also have a dog, so I have no excuse but get off me a"se and get out there - poor dog gives me those pleading puppy eyes - ha ha
Dont go every night but usually 3 - 4 nights - its a start !
yeah I think exercise is important - walking is the easiest, I bring my IPOD with me with lots of motivational songs on it (upbeat feel good stuff) and before I know it, the walk is done and I feel good (well ok dying for oxegen, water, sofa ha ha)


Niquie Fri, Apr-16-10 14:34

Oh wow, I was only in the Phoenix Park last week with my kiddies - did you see the que for the zoo????
We were in it !!! I thought I've not come all this way from Clare to not get in, so we qued and it moved quite quickly thank God.

I have a cairn terrier that has gone bonkers altogether since the spring has arrived, he won't stop barking - planes, birds, bees and flies. I brought him up to Dublin to Mums for the few days and I think she was glad to see the back of us cause he never shut up the whole time.

I stopped walking him because he wants to attack everything that moves and hes only a tiny little fart of a dog - it's sooo embarrassing. He never used to be this bad, I'm gonna have to get him into some obedience classes but he'll probably terrorise the other mutts.

Anyway, started this jogging programme that one of the girls on this forum told me about called couch to 5k. It's a 10 week programme and so far so good. Bit disappointed though, my birthday is on Sunday and I thought I'd have all my weight gone for it instead of just a half stone which I know is better then nothing but you know what I mean.

Keep up the good work and we'll chat again soon xxx

Ginadublin Mon, Apr-19-10 02:27

Hi niquie

hope your weekend went well with the diet. I wasnt too bad at all, though had a bottle of wine on saturday night and woke up yesterday with the hangover from hell (OMG thought my head was going to split open) - dont usually drink wine, but it seems to be low carb, so thought I would chance it.
I didnt see the que for the Zoo but a girl in work was telling me that she went and it was the busiest she ever seen it.
When my children were smaller I got a yearly pass for the zoo and brought them most sundays - just to knacker them out lol.
I have a king charles (Prince) he is a dote, has a lovely temprement - though is not very road wise yet, so have to keep him on the lead a lot. re. the training of your dog, i didnt get mine trained and sort of regret it now - he is 4 years old and probably passed any real training - other dogs attack him and he just lets them :(
congrats on starting the jogging programme, unfortunately I am a smoker and would probably need oxegene if I had a go at jogging - ha ha - am going to try and quit next week and have got he patches ready to go.

anyway good luck for this week and hopefully we will both see a loss by the end of the week (my end of week is Friday)


Groovegirl Mon, Apr-26-10 20:41


I read your first post on here and was about to tell you what worked for me, but it seems like you are doing well.

I tried Atkins about 5000 times before getting it right this time. The difference this time was that I put a time goal instead of a weight goal (I decided to do it 60 days no matter what the scale said) and that got me over the hump. I didn't lose that much in the first month, but it came off more so after I got better at sticking to it. Anyway, I'm use to it and get it now. I have 10 Lbs to go.

BTW - my husband is from Stillorgan :) He makes me listen to that Dustin the Turkey and watch clips of Rodge & Podge.

Ginadublin Tue, Apr-27-10 02:33

Hi Groove Girl.

I find myself at a standstill - i havent had a loss in a few weeks, my weight fluctuates daily, down a pound up a pound - have been sticking to it rigidly and am finding it a bit disheartening at the moment that the weight isnt moving :(
Any tips or advice would be gratefully appreciated.

ha ha Podge and Rodge is a favourite of my husbands

Groovegirl Wed, Apr-28-10 09:29


It looks like you've lost 7 Lbs in 2 weeks? If that is the case, then that is fabulous! For me it came off in clumps. For example, the scale would bob around right at the same place for a week or two, then a clump of 3 Lbs would come off. That is why the timeframe goal made it work for me, vs me telling myself that it isn't working, so screw it.

Why don't you just decide that you will stick with it until the end of May, regardless of what the scale says? By that time, you'll be down more and see that it is well worth it.

When my husband and I watch Rodge & Podge, he has to hit pause every 5 seconds to explain the jokes. Once I get it, I think its very funny. Amazing how different the same language can be.

Niquie Wed, Apr-28-10 10:32

Hey Ladies - How are we all doing ???

Guess what, my husband name is Rodge ha ha but he hasn't got a podge like my spare tyre hee hee.

You won't believe it Groovegirl but I'm from Rathfarnham, only down the road from Stillorgan and what's even freakier is that (I took a sneaky look at your profile) I look a wee bit like you except with longer hair and a much fatter face then you.

Gina, I'm sorry it took me so long to catch up, had a bit of a cabin fever week, I was made redundant last December and I hate being at home so I used any excuse this week I could get not spend my time at home - the place is minging, think I'll have to chain myself to the mop tomorrow.

My weight shot up again but I finally got it down today, the result of too much birthday celebrations I reckon.

Anyway, my kiddies are screaming for me to help them with homework so I might check in again later and catch up a bit more.

Bye for now.
Nikki (couldn't get nikki as my profile name hence niquie !)

Groovegirl Wed, Apr-28-10 11:55

HA! I know what minging means - my husband just explained it to me the other day.

Nikki - post a picture - you got me curious. Mine was a my pre baby days, before I gained the weight.

Niquie Wed, Apr-28-10 15:41

You see that's the problem, I can't figure out how to re size my photos so they are all too large and the forum won't take them. I also have a slight vanity issue I'm totally ashamed to admit - I hate getting my photo taken and the thoughts of posting up my chubby chops just kills me.

I shall try though and then you'll probably laugh at me thinking I'm nothing like you ha ha. I will try though and if I still can't re size them I'll ask hubby.

By the way - something else to make you laugh, I was a real estate agent for the past 16 years until last December. I'm also a qualified Interior Designer which has also suffered with the down-turn as you can imagine.

Any other similarities I wonder???

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