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walkerny Fri, Mar-16-18 09:31

An Average Joe's Story
I'm 54, have always carried a few extra pounds. As I got older, I started removing "bad" things from my diet. Fast food, soda, diet soda, etc all gone. I ate a lot of fruit & veggies, ancient grains, but also bread & pasta. The weight kept creeping up, my blood pressure was slightly elevated, high cholesteral, and worst of all, a fatty liver. All this on a healthier diet than average.

A few years ago I followed the DASH diet to lower my BP. It's a great diet because of it's simplicity. As you focus hard on removing salt, it basically removes bad things. My BP nose dived, I lost a couple pounds. Then weight started creeping up a few more pounds a year.

When I hit 199 in October, I talked to a friend who had gone "all-in" on the KETO diet. I'm not an all-in type of guy on anything, and I won't argue the merits of KETO vs other diets. (I have since reviewed other LC diets that appear possibly better choices). My wife & I discussed it and within 3 months, even through the holidays, she was down 20 lbs and I was down 17. My drop has slowed down, but I'm comfortable even if it would be a loss of a pound a month.

I could not believe how easy it was to give up pasta, bread, potatoes & rice.

We didn't get into the weeds of the diet, we just targeted 16 grams of carbs a day and held to it. If you are an average Joe or Jane yourself, I'd suggest not getting caught up in the really technical issues, just increase your veggie intake and excise carbs from your diet. Have a metric like grams per day & stick to it. If you want to ramp it up later fine, but if you find that unsustainable, a simpler approach will be known to you.

Anyway, the weight loss has been great, my doctor is amazed at my drop in cholesterol. BP normal and my liver numbers are now healthy. I'm looking for a nice sustainable glide to my ideal weight, and further improvement on my numbers.

Ms Arielle Fri, Mar-16-18 10:39

Nice job!

Yes, low carb can be VERY simple.

nawchem Sun, Mar-18-18 09:15

Wonderful testimony to good health!

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