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colinjn Sun, Aug-11-02 14:53

Vancouver Province Article Aug 11th
There is an article in the Sunday edition of TheProvince. It is actually better balanced than I had feared. Of course Karen got the colour picture. Just call her the queen of the soundbites. I could and will take a few lessons on how to give an interview.

My low carb centrepiece got a small pic in there. It is labeled as high fat foods; interesting. I didn't know that cauliflower, broccoli, green beans etc. were chock full of fat. The things you learn.

As far as my pic? I guess I can stroke international fashion model off my career aspiration list.


Candiflip Sun, Aug-11-02 16:23

I enjoyed reading the article. I noticed that the website was listed, that is cool.

There sure was alot of 'Health Hazards' though...Kidney stones, bone loss, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, colon cancer, diverticulosis & hemorrhoids.

Question, if these things arn't true where do they get them from?

It says that in this month's American Journal of Kidney Diseases it was Published that the combination of high animal protein & low carbohydrates causes kidney stones & bone loss based on high acid levels shown in blood & urine tests.

I don't want to go back to eating all those carbs.. but what about all of these things they are saying. I mean they keep saying that Dr. Atkins had a heart attack, but everyone here keeps saying NO HE DIDN'T. I mean what is true?


colinjn Sun, Aug-11-02 17:01

The Obligatory Scare Tactics
The warnings and accusations are VERY old hat and unfounded. Go to to read about Dr. Atkins' "heart attack". You will see that the moral of the story there (if we are to find any warnings to heed) is not to travel to europe.

The nutritionists' list of warnings are based on speculation rather than any observations. It has never been proven or seen in clinical practice. Something they forget to tell people. Every accusation has been proven wrong. They even get the biological processes mixed up and confused. (If there is so much wasting away, why do body builders choose a LOW-carb lifestyle? etc.) That is why it is such a mystery as to why schools continue to train nutritionists this way and why nutritionists don't look at the studies for themselves. Early on in his practice, Dr. Atkins began to think there was some great coporate conspiracy involved. Unfortunately such musings made him few friends and he has kept his thoughts to himself except for the odd "I told you so" when articles come out such as the Recent Gary Taubs article.

The best thing you can do is go through all the studies that are published on this site. Then you can decide for yourself and wear out a patch on your scalp, wondering how "educated" people can be so obtuse.

Good Luck


Ruth Sun, Aug-11-02 18:21

Imagine my surprise when I saw your face in the paper this morning. Looked at the facing page and there was Karen's cheeky face! You both did well & you both look great.

Will Colin be the next celebrity low carb chef (after Karen?).... hmmm, it's a possibility :D

colinjn Mon, Aug-12-02 09:11

Not likely
I'll leave all camera appearances to Karen. I found out I was camera shy. Holding a razor sharp knife and discovering you have the shakes is not a pleasant experience. The more experienced person went with the macro-mackeral sashimi plate. Notice no knives in her pics?

Glad to have helped the cause though.


IslandGirl Sun, Aug-18-02 20:11

GEE, guys
Is there a web reference for this fabulous article with pics, that is available for us poor saps who don't get to pick up the Province!?!

You guys are SO Vancouver-centric :devil: :lol: :devil:

Ruth Sun, Aug-18-02 20:38

LOL! And you're not Island-centric?

Can we help it if the greatest LC chef around lives & works in Vanc? Plus she has great contacts with the media, is charasmatic and well-spoken?


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