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Equinox Sun, May-22-05 15:36

HEre are my two cents; join a choir (I have!), take drawing or painting lessons, volunteer (don't just go to but participate in the organization of) at a sci-fi or other kind of mutual interest / fandom society (I'm in one that organizes SF conventions, among them, the biggest in Norway).

For my new challenges, at some point I will take solo singing lessons, go to karaoke bars and actually blow everyone away with great singing (Though I heard somewhere that the word karaoke means "I'm drunk and I can't sing", some karaoke ppl really can. Won't argue with the drunk bit, though!), I will go on a week-long SPA holiday in Estonia (That's actually pretty cheap, which is why Estonia.), and I plan to start training Kung Fu.

black57 Sun, May-22-05 20:49

I used to do Karaoking alot and there were some excellent singers ( me not included ). There was a Robert Plant ( Led Zeppelin ) contest and there were several guys who nailed Black Dog.

joanee Sun, May-22-05 21:01

Why not:

coach a girl's hockey team
drive a formula one car
participate in a civil war reenactment as a damYankee. Don't get shot.
start a blog
run for a very local political office (like school board, etc.)
go to an ethnic restaurant and eat something you never tried before
try your hand at building a better mousetrap
go to a planetarium with your DW on a starry night
start a card game
get a penpal
"adopt " a poor child through a reputable charity
get one of those old-fashioned Popular Mechanics kits and make a tv, radio, or record player
get your ham radio license
buy one of those billion-piece Lego sets and make a model of the Alamo
rent a rowboat for a day and explore. Or catch fish. Or both.
Go birdwatching with a great pair of binoculars
Ask the staff at the aquarium if you can feed the sharks; ask at the zoo if you can feed the gorillas
split rocks with a hammer and look at the pretty minerals inside
go fossil hunting

joanee Sun, May-22-05 21:10

join a community theater and act in a play. Or make the sets.
organize a neighborhood firefly-catching contest -- just post signs and suggest a local park at sunset

Get the neighborhood adults to sponsor the firefly catch; 25 cents per firefly caught by a particular kid, and the proceeds go to a charity or a community barbecue

learn that skill where you just have a compass and a map and you have to find your way home. I forgot what it's called...

learn the classical and native american names for the constellations

go spelunking

DaddioM Fri, May-27-05 07:51

Hi Everyone!!

If someone has done something "outside their own box", I'd love to see you share it too. Someone asked.. and I promised to share some of the things I've done... nothing HUGE.. just new things...

Week 1: Salsa Dancing
Week 2: Tried a Mat Science class (like pilattes)
Week 3: JP Hops house.. seeing a couple of friends play songs they wrote and an guitar instrumentalist.
Week 4: Looked up how to make pennies shiny with vinegar and table salt and tried it.. cool, blazed a new trail on my mountain bike through the woods (ok.. wasn't REALLY new, but it was new to me.. didn't know it was there.. lol)

I'm enjoying this... keep the suggestions coming and like I said... if you have your own "stepping out" activities.. go ahead and post them!


DaddioM Sun, Jul-24-05 08:26

Hi Everyone!!

I've STILL been keeping up with doing something new. It's the RIGHT thing to do!!!

In July:
I started a "cheat free challenge" called "Master of your Domain" afte the final
I just made a LC reciepe (lol.. cooking IS trying something new for me). July 31st I'm off on a cruise.. 1st one EVER!!
Maybe I'll catch up on all my home paperwork.. that would certainly be new for me!!

In June:
Biking in E Central WI,
Brewery tasting room,
meeting LC'rs,
Rascal Flatts concert

In May:
Week 1: Salsa Dancing
Week 2: Tried a Mat Science class (like pilattes)
Week 3: JP Hops house.. seeing a couple of friends play songs they wrote and an guitar instrumentalist.
Week 4: Looked up how to make pennies shiny with vinegar and table salt and tried it.. cool, blazed a new trail on my mountain bike through the woods (ok.. wasn't REALLY new, but it was new to me.. didn't know it was there.. lol)

black57 Sun, Jul-24-05 11:11

I just painted 2 modern art pieces that are hanging on my livingroom wall. I also bought a new car ( 2005 Ford Escape ). I met a new old friend from walking in the park. I call her a new old friend because we discovered that our kids used to play together a couple of years ago. I began swimming again.

pookster Wed, Jul-27-05 11:11

Great thread! Such wonderful ideas...Here are some things I have done or plan on doing :)
I'm always looking for new inventive ideas that don't cost any extra $$

** plan on a blackout weekend with your family/spouse (no computers, electronics, playstations, television, etc allowed under any circumstance)

** having a candlelight picnic in your living room (watch the wax!)

** ban all silverware during dinner and use only your fingers. (can be used in combination with the idea above LOL)

** pick up a really hard picture puzzle and spend the day with the family putting the pieces together

** climb a tree

** read through a high school or middle school history book (you'll be surprised at how much you learn/remember!)

** memorize the periodic table of elements

** go to and go on a last minute weekend getaway to somewhere you would never think of going (no, i'm not endorsing LOL)

DaddioM Wed, Jul-27-05 12:47

DD just sent me this sight.. I could spend DAYS exploring the world. It's a satellite map from google... it is tooooooo cool. You start with a space view of the world.. and then can zoom in to see actual roads and buildings.. you can find your house, where you spent your vacation.. it's TOO COOL.

DaddioM Sun, Sep-04-05 23:19

Ok.. in August went to a Ballroom dancing contest (wow.. it was GREAT.. they had the 12 time national champions and they were awesome..

Also went to a small bar which brings in new groups to see a couple of friends who write original music for fun and play at a open mic's and also have opened for a couple of people. It was fun and we went this past Saturday too and I brought some friends.

Went on my first CRUISE..

...and the highlight.. (and this is for September).. reconnected with someone I know.


DaddioM Tue, Jul-08-08 01:52

Hi Everyone... bumping this up for those who might feel like they're in a rut.

Time to get out there and try something NEW!!

A couple of years ago I took a dance class and now I'm dancing C&W dancing competitively.. WOOHOO.. a love I never would have discovered if I hadn't been willing to step outside myself.

You can too!!!!


ardentluma Tue, Jul-08-08 07:33

Belly dancing class.

Elizellen Wed, Jul-09-08 05:52

Thanks for bumping this thread - I really enjoyed it and it has given me some great ideas.

DaddioM Tue, Jul-29-08 10:59

Got back from New York a couple of weeks ago (never been there), and New Orleans (last week...never been there) so have a few things to add..


Go to a Broadway Play.. went to see Mama Mia.. it was FUN

Statue of Liberty.. did you know that prior to 9-11 you could go all the way to her hat?

Ellis Island.. an all afternoon trip for history buffs.. pretty amazing for anyone though.

Times Square at night - just to say you've been there, done that

Row boats in Central park

Grand Central Station.. wow.. I was totally amazed when I saw the sign "Tracks 105-117 ===>" 117 tracks in the same location??!?!?

Top of Rockeller building.. the view of Central Park from there is amazing. You don't realize just how big it is until you've seen it from "the top of the rock"

Top of the Empire state building


Walked down bourbon street in the French Quarter.. party city!! A little dirty.. but maybe I'm just getting old:lol:

Walked along the shore of the mighty Mississippi just before it leaves for the ocean. It starts in Minnesota (where I'm from originally) so that was kinda cool.

Ate a Beignet.. had NO idea what that was.. turns out it's kinda like a funnel cake in the shape of a dinner roll.. YUM

Looked through the telescope of a street astronomer. He had a 10" and I think a 14" telescope.

Saw Jupiter.. and it's MOONs.. wow

DaddioM Tue, Jul-29-08 11:01

Ally, Every woman I know that has taken a belly dancing class has liked it... you do NOT have to have an awesome belly to take the class, right.. it's just FUN.

Eliz.. .glad you liked it.. add your own ideas.. maybe it's things you have done that others might not have thought of.


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