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black57 Mon, May-09-05 17:19

Originally Posted by moondanzr
Hi Mike!

Great thread! How 'bout

Learning something usually female (like quilting, crocheting, knitting or needlepoint)

That is an outstanding challenge! Maybe I will change the oil in my car :agree:

black57 Mon, May-09-05 17:25

Originally Posted by Quest
I like the idea of wearing a college or university shirt and seeing what reactions you get. I was travelling with my daughter while she was wearing a Syracuse sweatshirt (she actually does go there) and I was amazed how many people struck up conversations with her (admittedly it was during basketball season, and admittedly they were all men and she's a 19 year old woman, but still....)

Once I wore my Youngstown State University sweatshirt to a school function. This mom came up to me and said who in your family went to Youngstown State? I told her I did. She then told me that her hubby went to that college. What is funny is, who the heck has ever heard of YSU, especially in So CA? It really surprised me. I think that college sweatshirts prove how small this world really is.

DarthRaidr Mon, May-09-05 18:37

Volunteer at a local animal shelter and walk a different dog every day.

DaddioM Tue, May-10-05 18:24

Hi Everyone!!

Have I told y'all I LOVE the ideas??

I'm not going to go on any sort of exact schedule, but maybe I'll try a new one every couple weeks... over the course of the summer that will be about 10 new things, over the course of a year, 26 new things, over the course of a lifetime, hundreds!!

I'm going to count my trip out to Salsa dance last Friday as the first thing I've done. It was new, it was refreshing, and if I do it again, I'm going to count it again cause I really enjoyed it!

I'm going to try a Mat Science class tomorrow if I can get out of work in time. I "think" this is kinda like a pilattes class, but not really sure.

When I'm up in Minnesota on vacation in early June, I'm thinking about doing some biking on some old railroad throughfares turned into bike trails. There are several cool ones in Wisconsin, so may do one of those and stay in either B&B's or hotels in the towns the trail goes through.

TTYL everyone!


btw... has anyone seen the CocaCola "C2" commercial?? I feel like dancing every time I see that commercial...

I want to break free
I want to break free
I want to break free for the first time
this time I know it's for real
I want to break free
I want to break free

Oh how I want to be free
Oh how I want to be free
Oh how I want to break free

GinaLeanne Sat, May-14-05 00:39

How about find a date..........3 years is along time......... :help:

vandi68 Sat, May-14-05 08:05

Take a class at the local college (After I get my degree, I am going to take "fun" classes, e.g. pottery, painting, welding, whatever)
Go fishing
Water skiing
When I was young we used to float tubes down the river, that was fun.
Get in the country, if you aren't already, and sit and listen to the birds. (I do this on my porch swing)

I really like the idea of sightseeing in your own town. I live near Wichita and haven't seen all the stuff yet in living here almost 4 years! When we lived in Emporia, my friend and I would take day trips to museums and such. She had a Kansas trip book, it was really cool. I need to get that book.

Have fun!! :D

rosencooki Sat, May-14-05 20:25

when there is a clear warm summer night, lay a blanket in the grass and just look up at the stars

have a water balloon fight with neighborhood kids

MAKE all of your own greeting or Christmas cards

turn off the TV for 1 night every week and you will be surprised at what you come up with

black57 Sat, May-14-05 22:24

Originally Posted by GinaLeanne
How about find a date..........3 years is along time......... :help:

We all should go out on a date. I went out with DH tonight. We went to a jazz picnic :agree: I am so tired. I got home by 8:00 PM, how did we date when we were younger? We didn't get home until 3:00 or 4:00 AM :q: We should date more often.

This time of year, you can find a plethora of concerts to attend. Go to a highschool band/orchestra or choral concert. Go to a highschool musical. Colleges have outstanding musicians and they put on very good concerts. In Capistrano CA, there is a day where they celebrate the return of the swallows. In Hinkley,Ohio they celebrate the return of buzzards. Is there something like that in Texas where animal migrations are celebrated?

DaddioM Sun, May-15-05 04:37

Originally Posted by black57
. In Capistrano CA, there is a day where they celebrate the return of the swallows. In Hinkley,Ohio they celebrate the return of buzzards. Is there something like that in Texas where animal migrations are celebrated?
There is a bridge in Austin Texas where thousands of bats live.. they come out each night. There is also a bat cave in central Texas, that I've actually been to. Amazing... they estimate several million bats live in this cage, and by watching the half hour to an hour it took them to leave.. i believe it.. literally a thousand a second I'd bet. I DID do the MS150 bike ride this year for the first time. A 180 mile bike ride from Houston to Austin Texas.

I expect there are other such things I haven't discovered yet.


kimba18 Sun, May-15-05 05:46

All right Mike have you discovered Geocaching. Check it out Take up some cool treasure hunting. I bet there are some planted in Minnesota on the bike trails. I would be suprised if there is not.

jun keater Sun, May-15-05 06:40

Visit a nursing home & make a new friend.
Go for a bike ride.
Play ball with some kids!
Give someone a back rub!

black57 Mon, May-16-05 22:35

I was thinking today of some things that I have done. I have had 3 pieces of poetry published. I have written 2 children's stories that I have submitted one of them. The story was rejected but,- Hey! I sent it in. As a musician, I have gone up to professional jazz bands and asked to sit in with them. They usually say yes. I wrote a letter to Yo Yo Ma ( cellist ) and he wrote me back!!! Yo Yo is featured in the music for the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon amongst other things, if you don't know him.

I used to perform as a flutist at nursing homes, book stores and open houses for boutiques. I held a dinner recital at a popular inn.

DH was mentioning that the Buzzards in Hinkley Ohio return the same day that the swallows return to Capistrano. Daddio, believe it or not, I adore bats. I think that they are among the most valuble yet among the most hated creatures on the planet.

Here are some more ideas. Go to a comedy club, go to Las Vegas and buy some Romulan Ale at Star Trek the Experience. Actually, if you are a ST fan you would get a kick out of ST the Experience. You can beam onto the Enterprise or get chased by the Borg. I have a Klingon beer stein. I used to have a Klingon Uniform and I and my Klingon friends visited children in the hosptial and participated in parades. I visited schools as M'Krista Zo'ahn to read stories and play my flute for the kiddos.I would still do that but I don't have the time.


DaddioM Sat, May-21-05 20:14

Hi everyone!

I said I'd come back and post some of the things I've done.. and so I did something Friday night.

A couple friends of mine who write funny songs and play at "open mic nights" actually had a gig playing for an hour as the opening act for a really good guitar instrumentalist. The guitar player was great technically, but I enjoyed my friends a lot more. They've written and composed all their music with such classics as...

National Bank of Dad - a song about daughters and Dad's.. and shopping and spending money

"Semper Fi" to my girl - one of the guys has a daughter who is 5'1", blond, AND a marine! It's a song sung from the point of view of the type of guy that would fall in love with her.

Marathon - interesting concept on this song.. The guy who wrote it says there are LOTS of songs about falling in Love, very few about love that has lasted a long time (why is that?) This is a love song that likens a long marriage to the things that happen at a marathon.

They had a few more songs and they were always hilarious. I tried to get DW to go, but she wasn't interested. We had a kid staying over while his parents that were out of town so she didn't want to go (he's a sophmore in HS).

Hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend.. keep the ideas coming.. or post what YOU have done to "try something different"!


black57 Sun, May-22-05 09:17

Daddio, who was the guitarist?

Gemmafafen Sun, May-22-05 10:41

lovely idea, I have a few suggestions,

> pose for a still life class- yes naked
>take up t'hai chee, or th'ai qwondo, or judo, or key
>arrange a room in the house differently
>set a new fitness goal, like run the new york/London marathon
>go to the beach, collect drift wood come back and make a mobile out of it- give it to some one as a present.
>Volunteer to go work in a youth club for a bit
>try making a new pair of trousers for urself
>try to find a low carb recipe of something ur mum used to make/ a cake /dessert that u love- cook it, then share it.
>have a big party at ur house and invite everyone u know
>buy a homeless person a sandwich and a cup of tea.
>make a new top for ur garden table using mosaic technique
>make ur own scarecrow
>start a compost heap
>Go for a run out doors at 4.45am, it's beautiful!
>learn to surf
>start a collection
>buy a massive trampoline and put it in ur back garden, get on it and BOUNCE- so much fun

Oh man the possibilities are endless, I hope I didn't repeat what anybody else put!
Good luck filling ur life with new experiences, an inspirational thread which has proven very popular

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