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DaddioM Thu, May-05-05 12:22

WOOHOO!! Love the ideas. Apparently I'm not alone in thinking of things different to do.

Keep em coming!


Chasintrai Thu, May-05-05 13:28

What great ideas!

Browse a section in the bookstore/library that you've never been in
Take a college class
Go hiking

seesah Thu, May-05-05 13:42

You've got lots of great ideas Daddio! :thup:

Here's some that I've done: :read2:

Get a massage
Give a sincere compliment to someone at least once a day
Fly a kite!(I recently did this & I hadn't done since I was a child) :D
Stay at a bed & breakfast or hotel for the weekend
Learn to play the piano
Take Salsa dance lessons (believe me, the ladies love a man who can dance, especially this one!) :D

Well, I have drawn a blank for now, I'll keep checkin' on ya! Oh, hey, it'd be cool to keep us posted on the ones you have been doing! :spin:

black57 Thu, May-05-05 20:20

Seesah, I was coming back to add fly a kite. I recently bought one but I've yet to fly it.

Here's another one. Wear an Ohio State sweat shirt and see how many Texans say " Hey, I am from Ohio! I like your shirt!"

DaddioM Fri, May-06-05 15:09

GREAT ideas everyone!! I think I may take someones suggestion and compile these all into a list when we run out of ideas!


Nancy LC Fri, May-06-05 16:26

Originally Posted by Quest
Let's see...

Pick an opera, learn about it and borrow or buy the CD.

And for extra bonus points, try to sing all the parts yourself in the shower!

(Recommend Wagner for this! Ride of the Valkyries gets the blood stirring)

JeniInWa Fri, May-06-05 17:53

Wrap yourself in saran wrap naked for a surprise for your wife. LOL!!!
Don't forget to have her take pictures... or maybe YOU should take pictures of her reaction LOL!!!

black57 Fri, May-06-05 23:47

1. Go ice fishing.

2.Play a game of jacks in the mall. I did that with my son.

3. Get a whoopie cushion. Go to the mall and sit next to someone who is also sitting. As you sit, kindly say hello to that person. Before they can return the greeting, sit on the whoopie cusion.

4.Volunteer in the children's ward at a hospital.

5. Watch the collection of Andy of Mayberry DVDs and just laugh.

DaddioM Sun, May-08-05 14:25

:Party: Happy Mother's Day:Party: WOOHOO... this is to all of you that came up with suggestions so far, and to all of you that will still...


gendeclays Sun, May-08-05 19:51

~Go build with Habitat for Humanity for a day.
~Pick a work and learn it in as many languages as you can.
~Take a first aid/cpr class and get certified.
~Get a box and see if you can fill it with things for charity.
~Mow a lawn or trim some bushes for an elderly neighbor, or one with many kids.
~Pick a country you'd like to go to, study up, plan the trip and find out how much it would be. Start a bank!
~Enter a contest. Anything! Photography, drawing, poetry, whatever!

black57 Sun, May-08-05 21:40

Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes.

Become a tourist in your own town. Get on a tour bus and go to places in your own area that you have never been./ Go to a bar that has jam sessions. Jam sessions are events where people can sit in with the house band and perform like one of the band members./ Do you sing or a singer wannabee? It is Karaoke time!!!

Ohhhh, go to a Star Trek Convention!!! Resistance is futile! ;)

Go visit the basement of the Alamo. :D

Quest Mon, May-09-05 07:09

I like the idea of wearing a college or university shirt and seeing what reactions you get. I was travelling with my daughter while she was wearing a Syracuse sweatshirt (she actually does go there) and I was amazed how many people struck up conversations with her (admittedly it was during basketball season, and admittedly they were all men and she's a 19 year old woman, but still....)

Charran Mon, May-09-05 07:48

Start a scrapbook photo album. Every day ( or how often you feel like it), take a picture of something that has some kind of importance to you, something you just like the look of, something that strikes you as interesting, things or people you are grateful for...just use your imagination...the possibilbities are endless. Then when the pictures are developed, put them in an album and write a short blurb about each one and why you took the picture. I find these albums really help you to take notice of your surroundings and become very aware. In later years, if you choose to share it with someone special, they will get a wonderful understanding of the person you are and get to know you in an extraordinary way!

Learn a new sport.
Take up a new hobby! ( How about photography to do that album...LOL)
Sight-see in your own city ( If you're like me, there are many things in my own city that tourists have seen that I haven't)
Learn a new word everyday and then use it as many times as you can during the day.
Join a book discussion group.
Watch a TV program that you never have before, or try watching a different station, like the history channel, or life network. ( Might find out some interesting things)
Drive a different way to work.
Talk to a new person at the office who you don't know very well.

jobun Mon, May-09-05 10:53

Char -- I was going to suggest site seeing in your own neighborhood - or any historic site in your area

learn to cook a dish you've never tried before
take a long walk on a beach or by the lake
take up kick boxing or aerobics ( :) )
write a short story and send it into a magazine

moondanzr Mon, May-09-05 14:13

Hi Mike!

Great thread! How 'bout

Taking a gentle form or yoga or learning meditation or both.
Making an all organic veggie garden
Learning something usually female (like quilting, crocheting, knitting or needlepoint)

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