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rpavich Mon, Apr-24-17 04:23

What an inspiration!

JaredAZ Sat, May-27-17 18:16

Wow. Truly inspirational.

I've went back and read your profound post (success story) three times since joining this forum and I imagine I will again.

Amazing job, glad you've taken your health back!

Merciless Tue, May-30-17 00:42

Immense achievement and such a great journey, well done.

Whited Wed, May-31-17 17:44

You are an inspiration to me for sure. I hear you about being a carb addict. I had a nurse in my class not long ago and he chided me about the carb / gluten thing. He said "no one ever died from eating a piece of bread." Of course that's true -- no one ever died from that first cigarette either or that first taste of whiskey. He then went on to say that "you low carbers are going to have serious heart problems." I asked him what were the markers I should be looking at -- he replied "LDL / HDL triglycerides etc." I told him my triyglycerides dropped in half on low carb, my HDL doubled and my total cholesteral dropped by a significant amount and like you Ken my BG reads in the normal range -- then he looked annoyed and changed the subject.

Well done and thanks for the encourageing post.

cheesyjayn Sat, Jul-15-17 09:06

I am so thankful I found your success story this morning, when I needed it most. I love how you define YOUR success as when your mind shifted into "knowing" you would be ultimately successful in weight-loss. And, more importantly, not defining success in society's superficial terms.
I have a long road ahead of me and I needed your message this morning! Thank you.

barb712 Sat, Jul-15-17 10:16

I'm halfway to goal, which is only 20 pounds, but it's still my own mountain to climb. I get discouraged, impatient and lose focus some days and needed a good shot of inspiration. Thank you, Ken! Congratulations and blessings on you!

philomene Thu, Jul-27-17 07:26

this is an amazing and inspirational story!!! thank you for sharing it!

brightli Wed, Aug-16-17 17:53

Wow, your story is amazing! Congratulations! Thank you so much for sharing! You look great. I don't think I can tie my shoes from a standing position without my back hurting. Hope you're doing well!

ketopaul Wed, Oct-04-17 05:01

You are an outright inspiration, sir! No, seriously, thanks for sharing your awesome story. I can only hope to do even a fraction of what you've accomplished.

fluffyy Fri, Nov-17-17 15:19

Wow, how awesome!!! You look sooo happy!!! Must be the best feeling!!!! :)

trysalot Wed, Nov-29-17 04:47

Awesome!! These stories give me hope!

Blueowl54 Fri, Dec-29-17 05:31

Hi , I just read your amazing story on the Diet Doctor website and have realised I need to embrace Rule No 1 wholeheartedly for this to work for me. I have exactly the same problem... no "moderation" for me alas. Carb/sugar junkie anonymous. Thank you for referring me here too. Here's to a bright new year for everyone.

LebenRedux Tue, Feb-20-18 11:48

Amazing, encouraging story! Love the way you turned around your medical issues. I'll be reading through your progress notes with interest bc my own health is failing and I would love to emulate your success. Yes, that's YOUR SUCCESS!!

SkippySue Tue, Mar-13-18 13:16

Ken, you are an inspiration! As someone who still has a lot to lose, I feel like I can do it too! You are right, sugar and carbs lose their control over you after awhile, you just don't want to eat them anymore. I look forward to the food I can eat, it's yummy!!!

weighttogo Sat, May-04-19 20:01

Fantastic results Ken , your posts are very inspiring for us new guys

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