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Randum Wed, Feb-05-14 06:50

After being obese for nearly 10 years, controlled myself for one
I was browsing through old bookmarks, and I chanced upon this site. I had used this to gather info before going on a diet plan a year back. Well, I did. And I succeeded.
Background - I'm a 20 year old guy. Was over 220 pounds at one time on a 5'8" frame. Suffered from acanthosis nigricans too.
I'll fill this out in a few days. Kind of busy for a while, and have loads to write.

Anyways, before and after pictures -

(Before) -- Yup, I used to scare myself too.

Loosing weight rid me of (almost) every negative thing about myself. I know I'm not a white guy, and of quite a different age group than most of the people posting here. Thought I would share regardless in the hope that it ight motivate others in my situation.

Lulumae Wed, Feb-05-14 06:58

Well done, you look great! :)

indie Wed, Feb-05-14 08:10

Very good job. I am impressed with your hard work and that it only took a year for you to get to your goal.

ImOnMyWay Wed, Feb-05-14 08:16

FANTASTIC! You look awesome! Well done!!!

:cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

JEY100 Wed, Feb-05-14 11:33

Congratulations on the new healthier you!

Randum Wed, Feb-05-14 11:43

Thanks for the encouragement. I still am looking to better myself each day. Lots of things to sort out still. The first being some side fat that just refuses to budge. >.>

toni marie Fri, Feb-07-14 10:01

Great job! This is amazing!

Keokagal Wed, Feb-19-14 15:58

Wonderful job. Be well. Color has no meaning here.

jennazena Sun, Feb-23-14 11:13

I am looking forward to reading more. I am just restarting after years of in and out of LCing. My start weight and height is similar to yours along with my goal weight so it will be inspiring to see.

I have also not posted or been active so feel a bit clumsy here…

Congrats on your success, it is great to see and inspiring.

Mama Sebo Thu, Feb-27-14 04:16

Wonderful! Are you planning to share how you did it? You look great, and clearly you feel great too!

Nancy LC Thu, Feb-27-14 11:14

Great job! You're an inspiration.

bike2work Fri, Feb-28-14 15:49


Don't fall into the trap of regaining, as many of us have.

weighttogo Tue, May-13-14 23:52

Congratulations , you look great

Whofan Wed, May-14-14 04:31

Congratulations on a great achievement. Can't wait to read your full story.

wbahn Wed, May-14-14 10:58

Great job!

Now the hardest part is ahead of you -- maintaining it. It's one thing to remain gazelle intense for a short period (several months or even a year) to achieve something for which you can see more-or-less continual progress toward the goal. It's quite another to maintain the hare-intensity it takes to keep those results for years and years when your only sign of progress is that things AREN'T changing. Don't let your achievement lull you into a sense that you have won the race and can now let up. For many of us that were obese as children we have a strong disposition to be fat and the weight can come back on with depressing speed. So every day, rejoice in your achievement and recommit yourself to keeping it. For most people, the key is to get physically active -- very active. Also something that is hard to do and maintain for most of us.

As for color and age -- those don't matter here at all (except in the occasional discussion about ways in which race and age can be factors in various things such as disease states and such). We've had young teens here and have many, many non-white folks here. If anything, being a male puts you in the minority on this site (though I don't know by how much and there are still plenty of us guys hanging around here).

Again, congratulations and best wishes for continued success.

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