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bluesinger Fri, May-14-21 16:52

Keto Chow?
Has anybody tried it?

Grav Sat, May-15-21 18:26

From memory there was a sampler of some of their product along with a few other bits and pieces given out to attendees at Low Carb Denver last year. At this point I no longer recall any particular distinction between any of it (various snack packets, cookies, bars etc), except that while it all seemed mostly okay by the numbers, it all tasted fairly unremarkable to me.

They proved useful in that sort of environment, speaking as a foreigner who didn't really have the surrounding area properly mapped out for quality food options yet, but once I'd found some of those other options, they'd win out in the long term I'd think.

Gypsybyrd Thu, Jul-21-22 20:47

I've tried it and keep some on hand. I prefer the chocolate based flavors. I like that you can add the fat of your choice: butter, HWC, light cream, etc. I also like the nutrition in it. Better than most other protein shakes or mixes I've seen. And it can be used in a variety of dishes.

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