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RCFletcher Fri, Mar-19-10 10:00

Robert's gym and fitness log
Gym, new dumbbell workout

This is my first entry. Today I will try out my new dumbbell aerobic routine for the first time. Over to weekend I want to get in more than 25 miles of cycling on one day. I am training to cycle the length of Hadrian's wall from Newcastle to Carlisle.

I dropped my bike computer today and zeroed it which is a pity as I had 450 miles on the clock.

galatia Fri, Mar-19-10 14:33

Hi there. I just wanted to wish you all success in your training and reaching your goals. :)

RCFletcher Sun, Mar-21-10 16:25

Cycled 52.5 km = 32.6 miles personal record!

Well this is the most I've ever cycled on one day. My legs are aching and I ddi flag towards the end - I pushed the bike up all the hills for the last 3 miles or so but I did it.

On our Hadrian's wall run I'll have to do this 3 days on the trot so more training needed!

RCFletcher Sat, Mar-27-10 13:26

Cycled 25 km = 15.5 miles.

Not too bad but I didn't want to strain it as I am hoping to do a big one tomorrow.

I've just booke dthe hotels for the coast to coast ride we're doing at Easter. I do hope the weather holds up. I'm on holiday now so I can cycle every day until the big weekend!

RCFletcher Sun, Mar-28-10 09:32

Cycled 30 km = 18.64.

I would have done more but I had my mate with me and this was enough for him. I need to work up to 30 miles a day as this is what we will be covering on 'the big bike ride'. This is only next weekend aaaaaah!. I've booked the hotels. At least the weather here is nicer now. It's nice to see the daffodils in the spring sunshine. I'm running a bath now so my muscles don't cease up!

RCFletcher Mon, Mar-29-10 10:15

cycled 16 km = 10 miles in the rain!

This was the first time I've ever deliberately cycled in the rain! I learned several things:

It's not being wet that is uncomfortable it's being cold!
My jacket is not completely waterproof.
My face gets cold
I have to wear gloves.
Legs get cold and wet.
My brakes still owrk fairly well.

All in all I can put up with it if I don't get to cold.

RCFletcher Tue, Mar-30-10 12:30

Cycled 40 km = 24 miles in heavy rain!

This was from here into Newcastle along route 72 and back. I got soaked. My trainers were full of water, my jacket collected water in the sleeves which came out in a torrent when I undid my cuffs. My gloves leaked and my hands were wet and uncomfortable. I was wet through to my belly.

So, I've learned something else. I need better clothing! The weather forecast for the three days is not good. If it is going to be torrential ran every day I'm going to plan B. A driving and walking holiday (I've booked the hotels).

RCFletcher Wed, Mar-31-10 14:24

Cycled 11 km = 6.8 miles.

Really as far as the cycle shop! I bought a waterproof top and a waterproof trouser cover. I still need gloves. I wore my walking boots to cycle to see what it woud be like and it was fine so I'll wear these for the big trip.

I've got problems with my quads aching with all this cycling. Should I take tomorow off to give them a chance to recover? Any opinions out there?

RCFletcher Mon, Apr-05-10 03:53

Cycled 100 miles over Easter.

Thsi is made up of 144 km from Newcastle to Carlisle along Hadrian's Wall route 72, plus the ten miles to get home from the station afterwards.

Everything went according to plan.
Day 1: Newcastle to Hexham.
Day 2: Hexham to Haltwhistle.
Day 3: Haltwhistle to Carlisle, trian home then cycle home from station.

The worst day was the second day. it rained all the time and there were huge hills to climb. I got really out of breath even when I tried to walk up hill. I thought I'd do better as I've been training for this nealry all year but what the heck I finished it.

Today my calves, knees and chest are aching so I'm having an easy day in.

For the record started with computer at 193km - at Carlisle it was 337.5 = 144.5 = 89.78 more or less 90 miles plus the extra 10 miles about from the train station home.

RCFletcher Sat, Apr-10-10 15:13

Gym - complete DB workout.

I did my new dumbbell workout today complete. left me a bit shaky but on the plus side it only took 1 hour.

RCFletcher Sun, Apr-11-10 10:38

Cycled 44 km = 27.3 miles

Legs are aching like tooth-ache.

RCFletcher Sun, Apr-18-10 05:09

This week:
Mon - gym
Wed - gym
Fri - cycled - 16.8 km = 10.4 miles
Sat - Gym, Swim - cycled 7 miles
Sun - Swim

In all cases gym was full dumbbell and cv workout although I struggled to finish it a few times. I can't decide what to do today (Sunday). My knees are aching a bit. I don't know if it's muscular or the joints. I might try swimming more as it is low impact. I need to improve my swimming technique.

The little computer on my bike turned 400 km yesterday. It was only a month ago that it reset itself. 400 km in a month - not bad!

RCFletcher Sat, May-15-10 12:41

This week:
Sun: gym half a programme
Wed & Thurs: Wii workout
Fri: Gym complete programme.
Sat: cycled 13 km.

I feel better now I am getting some exercise after taking three weeks off. It seems that with or without exercise I don't loose any weight though!

RCFletcher Sun, May-16-10 14:40

gym short session

Only 25 mins of cardio plus 2 dumbbell sets. Had to get home as I had guests arriving.

RCFletcher Mon, May-17-10 11:31

Gym and swim.

Slightly shorter and at a different gym. I only left out the pull ups and push ups. I did go swimming afterwards though if only for a short time.

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