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Meme#1 Mon, Dec-25-17 12:39

I'm having problems with web-site
I'm having real problems with the web-site.
I have to refresh constantly.
I can't use the side scroll with my up and down arrow or it freezes and I have to refresh....again
This is been going on for over a month now.
It's not happening on any other web-site.
I have cleared out the cookies many times and it helps nothing.

Kristine Mon, Dec-25-17 14:55

Hi Meme. I haven't had any of these issues. What browser are you using?

I just took it for a spin on Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. I logged out to make sure I wasn't being spared just because of mod status (same with paid subscribers.) I also tested it on my ancient iPhone 4s using Safari and my no-frills wireless service. No issues.

Maybe run a couple of good virus scanners on your machine?

TucsonBill Mon, Dec-25-17 17:53

I have not noticed any problems. My computer is nearly maxed out on HD space and I got a new drive, just been too lazy to install it. I do have similar problems when my HD runs out and I have to delete stuff :)

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