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Blue52 Thu, Sep-07-17 16:40

LC our way! #2
Hi all.

Hope I did this new thread thing right. Will check to see if this works and then be back to post.

Kauaimom Thu, Sep-07-17 16:57

Well, we certainly must be chatty! Time for a new thread. Thanks Blue for starting it.

But now I can't remember anything from the other one!

I am going out to walk soon. I need to make exercise a priority, as well as drinking water.

I had a good day on my woe. Allowed myself 25 NC's. Going to try and keep going nice and steady.

K-Mom 10x4

Blue52 Thu, Sep-07-17 18:11

OK, we're set, let's rumble. :lol:

Jaz---How was your meeting w/your outside council? What's up for your weekend?

Nic---What do you use Umami paste for? Sounds like good stuff if you're that excited about it.

Good job by your son w/coach. Might have been blunt, but that can also sound very firm and cut off any useless conversations about it. I'm happy for your son that he got the job done, stuck to his guns, and is off to musical adventures.

WOW, 70 books! And I thought I was the reading queen. I've been de-throned!

Trigger---here comes the uber truck! I hope you get some enjoyment out of it too. Will it be good for fun road trips?

Lori---You sound at low ebb energy. When there, DO low ebb for a bit. UTI's are surprising in that the antibiotics make you feel so much better at first you can forget your body is still recovering. And sometimes we don't know how long that infection has been nestling in our bodies.


Another busy day. Tomorrow I have work to do, but nothing I have to leave the house for. YAY. Don't have to fuss w/make up or a cute outfit, can just be Ms. Uggles at her computer.

On plan, Stan. Almost 2 weeks now. Tomorrow night is the neighborhood ice cream social, which might tempt me to a treat. Except I don't care at all about ice cream, or all the toppings. So easy for me to walk away from. But last year a neighbor brought his home made enchiladas. If that happens again...we'll see.

The way I look at it now is that staying LC is an anchor for me amidst a lot of unanswered news, and I won't be giving that up for anything but the best times and places for a treat. I also won't deny myself the pleasure now and then.

Releasing myself from almost 5 years of feeling the need to lose has been such a good thing for me for now. In fact, it's taken a weird turn. I find myself not all that hungry all of a sudden. Can eat whatever I want on plan, and often right now, not finishing it all. Love it when that happens. Heck, I could be a hungry bear by tomorrow, but right now I'm just kind of meh on food. I like it!

Blue52 Thu, Sep-07-17 18:13

K-mom---we cross posted. I'm feeling kind of like you right now, on plan, but in a more mellow sense. Not horsing it, not worrying it. Hope you have a lovely walk. It's a beautiful early September night. My fave kind of weather!

Blue52 Thu, Sep-07-17 18:37

Oh, and one more thing K-mom---found out today they have discontinued our LC bread at Trader Joes. :(

But talked to the Mgr. - she's a low carber too!--- and she had a story to tell about it. Turns out the company who was making this bread had changed their recipe about 6 months ago, but NOT changed their nutritional information. She said that TJ's has a new brand to replace that, that correctly lists the carbs. Which unfortunately are twice as many.

So---9 net carbs per slice vs. 4 net carbs per slice. SIGH. But apparently we were being fooled for awhile anyway.

I bought two loaves of the new, and will now have to adjust to my daily carb count accordingly. Which means there will be less of it, and more "one slice" sandwiches.


niccofive Thu, Sep-07-17 20:06

Marking my place and will be posting tomorrow morning per usual! xoxo

Lori_:) Fri, Sep-08-17 04:17

Good Morning!

Thanks, Blue, for starting us off. Let's rumble...... :lol: Made me laugh this morning. You sound like you are in a great place with your WOE. Not stressing, just doing. Perfect.

Yes, I think this UTI really knocked me for a loop. It has been a really blah week, but today I am pulling myself out of it and getting out of this house. I'm going to go do a little shopping and maybe take myself out for lunch. The shopping won't all be fun, as I need new bras. Ugh.....I hate bra shopping! So expensive and not fun to try on. I also want to look for a bralette. This is new to me, but they look like just the thing for tank tops etc. I'm thinking ahead to our Key West vacation in October, but we may not get to go, depending on the damage from this darn hurricane Irma. We have so many friends in FL that have evacuated...what a scary thing.

Well, I have 1 more of these antibiotics to take today. They really have my stomach messed up. Have just felt queasy all week. I've been taking a probiotic too, hoping it will help with the good bacteria. The bad thing...hasn't killed my appetite. ;)

Husband's brother is coming today and the boys are going to play golf while I go shopping. We're going out to our favorite restaurant for dinner tonight. They have fabulous steaks and seafood...can't wait.

I'll pop back in and see what the rest of you are up to later.

Jaz66 Fri, Sep-08-17 04:30

Wow- did we lose our thread? Now I have to jog the memory!!!!Don't like doing that first thing in the morning! :lol: :lol:

Thanks BLUE- for getting us up and going! I love those pajama days in front of a computer with my hair up in a pony tail and just my glasses on. No fuss!

I am glad you are doing well on your WOE- in the mist of uncertainly. It helps because then you can be healthy and strong in other areas of your life! How are things going?

Leeann- I am sure you posted on the other thread- I missed it. But I gather your DS is now doing music and not sports. That is his passion so good for him!

KMOM- water 2/5 yesterday. :( I love you are going low and slow! It's the only way! Plus you got a walk in- GOOD for you!

Lori- Did you post yesterday? Are you ok? I feel very not kept up- just one day! When is your next Vacay?

Trig- are they closing schools Monday due to IRMA? How are you doing?
Hello- I always read back a few pages- so I am a day or so behind.

We are prepping here for the hurricane. I went yesterday to the grocery to pick up some chicken and the shelves were almost bare!

So I too picked up water. I will go back to the store after work- I have not shopped all week. So I am hoping it will not be a nightmare at the grocery. But right now millions of people are pouring into Atlanta to escape the storm. Traffic was really BAD just trying to get home last night. I heard there is not a hotel room to be had anywhere here.
We are going to get the rain here too- but they said by the time it gets here it will be a category 1 - . Still it is something I don't want to drive through.
I also instructed the staff to take their computers home. I am hopeful to not have to work all day. Hopefully out out about 3:30.

Yesterday was a productive day. I really like my counter part- she is a manager for the staff outside the office. But we work closely together as the office staff supports the field team.

So the buzz- it looks like our program MAY merge with another program under the umbrella of UHC. What that means for everyone- I wish I knew. Everything is really hush hush. Everyone is looking to me to give them reassurance. I have told them what I know for sure is that nobody has said anything at this time about losing any positions. More to come.......

I am feeling very BIG..... I have not cooked at home for the last week. I have been grabbing dinners and lunch out. It has resulted in feeling like crap. I have kept it low carb- but highly salty meats.
I hold water like crazy. I need to befriend my kitchen again. Yesterday I had a ham and pepperoni on a salad. Totally processed salt! Not weighing today- but my clothes are really TIGHT! URGHHH

So I will make up a list- of things to grab at TJ's. Chances are I will be stuck home Monday and Tue. OK by me.

OK- all keep ya posted.

Jaz66 Fri, Sep-08-17 04:32

LORI- cross posted! Glad you are doing well! Braletts are so pretty. Charming Charlies sells them too!

niccofive Fri, Sep-08-17 05:50

Hello dear ones,

A new thread.. perfect for new beginnings.

For some of us, coinciding perfectly with the start of a new school year.

For all of us, we continue to watch as our Mascot Baby, AVA, lives up to her name as she grows and matures, every day continuing her fight for life.

We continue a fight too, of necessity, or choice or both, for our well being, health and longevity, with our WOES. Each of us in our way and in our own time.

While doing so, we share our lives, our joys, our dreams, and the ups and downs of our lives, with support and love. :)

Blue- re: the umami paste: the easiest thing (I have read) to add it to would be anything tomato based or, IMO, beef based. That being said, adding it to stir fries seems to be a no brainer as well. I am curious to try it.

That is an absolute bummer about the TJs bread. Just stinks! At least you already know how your body processes that amount of carbs though, as you have been doing it inadvertently. I have to wonder how many things are mislabeled like that. I'm sure a lot! We just do the best we can and carry on, right? Still, very disappointing I know. :(

Girl, you are rocking your plan with two weeks on. VERY well done! You got the power!

Lori- Sorry you are feeling under the weather. :( Hopefully a quieter day (but bra shopping.. ugh!) will help.
I too wonder what Key West will look like. I cannot imagine owning property in FL- that would never happen for me.

Jaz- I've heard grocery stores are pretty much emptied from FL through GA and that gas is hard to find as well. Hope you can find some stuff since you are low, having not shopped for a week.

What's the latest AVA update? Weight check?

Moving along here. Down a pound and some change from last week and pleased with that. I'm in no rush but working on it a step at a time, in a way I can live with. :)

Glad it is Friday! Having to get up has kicked the boy's and my butt - we were spoiled by the summer. We are feeling a bit shell shocked.

Had his Back to School night yesterday and I am really hoping that it will be a good year for him. He has several teachers that I know WANT him (and all their students) to succeed and are willing to go beyond to help them do so. As long as he does his part, he should be just fine. Key words, of course, being that he does his part!

He had his first music lesson yesterday, in piano, and seemed to very much enjoy it, more so than the drums. So that was interesting. He will be getting drum work through band so even though he is signed up for piano and drums both right now (per his choice) I am curious as to whether he would prefer, ultimately, to have a longer piano lesson than two instruments. I'll watch and see!

Going out to Costco/TJs today but considering taking a hike or something today also.

UMD football Saturday, Ravens football Sunday (yay fall!) and going out to dinner with a friend tomorrow night. Good weekend on tap!

Whirrlly Fri, Sep-08-17 06:27

New thread?? WT?? HA thanks Blue for getting us started!!

Nicco, marking your place on the new thread! you had me laughing on know I pictured my doggie Bolt peeing on a tree or something to MARK his territory...omg too funny :lol: :lol: ;)

Take that hike today. I am doing just that. hiking with the dog. Cold as heck here but days are nice and hot but nights have killed the pool and covering in a few my mind has no choice but to flip to 'autumn activities' and I am making that hiking as my go to now.

Lori...ow, so sorry you got nailed here. the meds upsetting the guts and you are feeling blah....totally understandable....relax, rest thru it all and real fast you will be back to the old you!!! Your night out at a great restaurant sounds fab! Hope you can enjoy a good meal and not feel cruddy! Enjoy it all! Surf and turf....omg yum!

Jaz, no troubles with Irma here, I mean water got wiped out on the shelves LOL but other than that we are gonna 'supposedly' get super big bad storms but I think I am far enough inland so not worried at all. Your area I would think would be way more effected with travelers etc but I am higher up than you. So now all good so far. No school closings or anything like that I don't think.

eating out is never the same as your home food. I hear ya on the bloaty feeling after all that made for ya food. Get back into your own kitchen :p :D

KM, glad you are doing so well. I am like you now, I can't remember what I was gonna respond to on the other I am brain dead starting this new one :thup: :p

Blue, ice cream social? eat big before going! works all the time!
New truck is causing me anxiety to the max. I just can't put that high a price on a damn car if ya ask me! Just over 60 for what he wants and my brain says oh hell no, what I could do with that money! But geez ya know....well heck I don't know but I am somehow making my life fit the 'give it to him' scenario and will pay all cash cause I am taking on no 800 a month car payment, screw dat! But to give out all that money in one shot just freaks me out to the max and no I am not handling it well.... :p :p :D :D frugal self is screaming loud! :lol: just shoot me and put me out of the misery please!

new thread, new days for all of us :)

I am doing some errands need doing and taking doggie Bolt along and hitting the walking track. Start of my hiking season now and I am gonna put that into place now. Bolt loves being a 'car dog' and loves hitting the road with me :p

Weather flipped. COLD as heck here for this time of year. Closing pool in a few days and flipping over to other things, got no choice :( my summer is gone.

I was hungry yesterday to the max...cooler weather? but this is what I ate: big bowl crockpot chunk roast--YUM....8 slices bacon, 2 sausage patties....can of tuna and mayo and one tin of sardines....another bigger bowl of crockpot chuck roast to finish off my day.

today I got food on my mind (and Blue now saying she doesn't and feels great and I am opposite now wanting tons of food LOL)...........will do a Tbone steak later when back from errands, got a 1lb of crab legs and butter to go with that and have 4 thin cut pork chops for dinner tonight while they eat tacos. Sounds good to me and can't wait to tuck into it all ;) :o

great day everyone! enjoy it!

Kauaimom Fri, Sep-08-17 10:20

Good morning, everyone! Wow, Nic...your opening words were Award Winning. So encouraging and profound. Thanks for that.

Nic: Liked what you said about the teachers really wanting to help your DS15 succeed and have a good year. But also like the part where you said..."But he needs to do his part." Let's hope that happens. I love shopping at Costco and TI"s too! I went to Costco on Tuesday to get the frozen Sampler Cheesecake they have. My family loves it. Four kinds of cheesecake...each kind cut into four small pieces. Well, they were not carrying it at this time. Ugh! Ended up getting the regular plain cheesecake in the bakery section. Got some strawberries and cut them up and added sugar. I got this for a Football Draft my son was having. Typically my daughter makes all sorts of fun appetizers for the guys. Well, this is her first week teaching high school...she is a long term sub. So she is exhausted. I surprised my SIL with this and he was so happy. Later both my SIL and daughter said it was delicious. I did not even have one bite!!!!

Blue: I am so bummed about the TJ bread. First of all, I have been eating it quite a bit lately. Counting the carbs, but going over some because of the bread. And for a snack, I would make a piece of the bread with Havarti cheese on it and nuke it for a few seconds. Now I know it was five more carbs per slice than I thought it was! Actually, it makes sense to me. I have been trying hard and not losing. Today I am counting everything to the tee. I just measured my Macademia nuts to make sure they were only 1/4 cup. So I guess it is back to the LB for me. Hope that has the right carb count! :) We sure are having some amazing weather. I love the crispness in the air!

Trig: 60K for a truck. Yikes! Must be one heck of a truck! Seems to me your husband does not ask for much. Is that right? Maybe it is something he has always wanted and now you guys have the money to buy it. Loved your words to Jaz about eating out. I want to look forward to eating at home knowing the carb count and also LESS SALT. Say, for the chuck roast in the crock you add anything? I think I want to do that. Also the crab legs...anything fancy you do for those?

I am going to get very strict today with measuring and counting. I have not lost any fact, I have gained a pound. And I am trying. Something is wrong. I think maybe one of the heavy hitter meds causes weight gain, so that may be part of it. And that TJ's bread threw me for a loop. Very CapD. Planning to go for my walk soon. I am trying to up the distance every day...even if it is only a little bit.

K-Mom 10x4

Kauaimom Fri, Sep-08-17 10:24

Jaz: Hope things work out OK for Hurricane Irma. Man, this seems like it is the mother of all hurricanes. So are you the one now that will make all the decisions about having people not come to work. I assume you are since your boss is gone. I have confidence in you.

Lori: Sorry about your funk. Yeah, maybe the meds and like Blue said...just the infection and what it does to your body. Hope today is a better today and that you have success with your bra shopping!

Kauaimom Fri, Sep-08-17 10:25

Water Hounds:
Thursday: Blue 2/3, Jaz 2/5, KMom 6/5

Hoping the numbers are better for today. We need to do this! Hope you remember about your water during the day as I know it is hard to catch up at night...with not wanting to be up a lot of times during the night!

Lori_:) Fri, Sep-08-17 14:33

Good Afternoon,

I had a successful day! I bought 3 bralettes, some sterling silver thin chains that I wanted a part-time job! I stopped in at Dick's Sporting Goods and they interviewed me and hired me on the spot. I will start simply as a cashier and then see what happens. I would rather work on the floor in apparel or in the golf department, but I think everyone starts as cashier. I go for orientation on Monday and then not sure if I'll work at all until we get back from our cruise 9/14-9/23. We'll see. Hope I like it, but if not.....I'll quit.

DH & his brother had a good day on the golf course. The shots in his shoulders seem to have done the trick. We're going out for a yummy dinner in an hour or so.

Oh...I got my first Stitch Fix box today. I only kept 1 of the 5 items. I was tickled that the jeans they sent me fit ok....were just miles too long. They also sent me 2 dresses and 2 tops. I kept 1 of the tank tops. One of the dresses was a maxi length and I liked it except the bottom part was too much like a paisley print....which I hate. The other was too big around the waist and the shoulders. The other top was a cold shoulder top which I wanted to try, but the cut outs on the shoulders were huge. Anyway, it was fun trying the stuff on and now I'll just drop the return package at the post office tomorrow. I'll get another "fix" in November. Fun!

Ok.....gotta fly. Thinking about all those in the path of the hurricane. So scary.

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