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SilverEm Wed, Jun-10-15 14:44

Callanetics anyone?
I do Callanetics every day. :) Any Callanetics devotees here?

voguesd Wed, Jul-15-15 08:39

SilverEm, I am ordering some Callinetics dvd's today.
I used to do them and really liked them. I was terrible at sticking with anything for a sustained period though. If I fell off my "diet", the exercise went bye- bye also.
The big difference now though is that I'm not doing the WOE and exercise for weight loss, but for health, posture, back & shoulders. For a person my age, 66 I cannot think of a better program. Also plan to walk everyday as part of my better health efforts.
Do you alternate different exercises daily or do the same routine every day? It's been so long since I did C I can't remember the guidelines.

SilverEm Wed, Jul-15-15 10:36

Hi, Voguesd. :) I do the same groups of exercises each day. I worked out a series of exercises from the Ten in Ten video, from Super, from Evolution, and from classes I took, and some exercises I made up. I alternate the Callanetics exercises with some restorative and senior yoga stretches and poses. I put rests in wherever I need them.

I divide up my small groupings into easy-to-manage sections, and by the end of the day, I have done my whole routine.

The Evolution video has a section called Callanetics Concepts, which is wonderful and can be applied to any movement or posture.

You can modify any exercise or any grouping of movements to your own needs, abilities, and time on any given day.

They really help me have less pain, more flexibility and strength, better stamina and endurance. They help me feel calmer and more poised. I just love them. I've been doing them every day for several years. Before that, I was not good about doing them regularly.

Doing them daily has improved how I feel, so very much.

I hope you really enjoy the DVDs. :) It's nice to have choices, and just pick what suits us, I find.

Sandra Hanna has some videos posted at her website in Australia, which are free to watch, if you'd like some exercies routines that are really do-able in one session.

The AM/PM video is great, too, as it shows how one can take the exercises one wishes and do them whenever it suits.

There are some videos at the Callanetics site, too. And of course, at youtube.

voguesd Thu, Jul-23-15 16:29

SilverEm, thanks so much for all the tips. I have been away and just getting a chance to catch up. Checking out the sites you suggested now. Thanks again.

SilverEm Fri, Jul-24-15 02:02

Hi, Voguesd. :) Welcome back! :) Best wishes to you.

Tracy0652 Tue, Feb-02-16 12:17

I love Callanetics! Nothing tones as well while being 'easy' on the joints. I recently restarted this WOE, and Callanetics is on my list to start!

glimmergai Sun, Mar-06-16 09:31

I am not doing the video entitled Callanetics, but am doing Barre. I wonder how similar the two are?

glimmergai Mon, Mar-07-16 10:51

Alright alright, you convinced me :) I bought Callanetics on iTunes. Looking forward to popping it on after I get my workday completed. Thanks for introducing it to me!

SilverEm Sat, Apr-14-18 07:31

I've been doing my Callanetics regularly. Anyone else here keen on Callanetics? They are my daily miracles. :)

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