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CityGirl8 Wed, Jan-30-19 19:20

A Time to Fast--Science Magazine
Nice review of the current state of studies on different types of fasting for health from Science magazine last fall: A Time to Fast. Basically, they conclude that there are some positive results with every style (time-restricted eating, IF, fasting-mimicking diets, and even traditional calorie restriction):
Dietary interventions that are accompanied by long fasting periods have emerged as promising strategies to target a myriad of clinical parameters that constitute the foundation for metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and even neurodegenerative diseases.

Some of it's a bit over my non-scientific-head, but the graphics--especially the first and fourth--do a nice job of summarizing the variations and the long list of health benefits.

JEY100 Thu, Jan-31-19 07:02

This group is in the same National Institute on Aging, part of NIH, as Mark Mattson. His TedX talk on Fasting propelled the use of fasting for enhancing brain function to almost mainstream, at least with biohacker crowd.
Bolstering Brain Power
Optimization of Cognitive Function

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