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peauk Thu, Mar-17-11 15:53

Fast as a cheetah, as strong as a Lion
So here is the gym log of the crazy cat lady, at least that's what my friends call me!
Up to today the following has been my routine
monday 1 x spinning 1 x 2 mile run, 30 mins ab's
Tues rest day
Weds 30 mins abdominal conditioning, 2 x spin classes back to back
Thurs body conditioning or body pump
Friday 1 hours personal training plus 2 x spin.
Sat body conditioning & spin
Sunday, rest day

I eat 1000 calories a day on average at induction level. I have tried eating more but I'm just not hungry & find myself feeling bloated and sick from forcing in more food.
I've lost 9lbs in first 2 weeks then nothing for 2 weeks, then 2lbs, then nothing for a while then another pound 2 weeks ago.

I measure and have been losing inches even though no weight.

I've been told that I do too much cardio & too much exercise so my body will want to hold onto fat. That I may be cannibalising my muscles.
So here is my new plan of action for the next 2 week

Monday warm up of spin, followed by 1 mile of alternating 3 mins sprint & 3 mins walk, 20 mins ab's

Tuesday rest day

Wednesday 2 x spin classes back to back

Thursday body pump

Friday personal training which is going to be all weights and ab's, no cardio, Friday evening 2x spin back to back.

I am going to try and force more protein and fat into me & increase my calorie intake, I use the word force as it is going to be hard work.

Here is hoping for the right results :thup:

peauk Fri, Mar-18-11 15:32

My trainer had some extra time this morning so we spent an hour and half torturing my abdomen, butt, things & arms. It hurts now, never mind tomorrow! tonight I did 2 spin classes, boy it was hot tonight, I must have sweated a pound at least!

Tonight's spinning was with one of my favourite instructors called Karen. We have a love hate relationship, she has the slimmest figure, perfectly toned, not a scrap of fat on her and nothing wobbles, I love her figure, just hate the fact she has it and I don't!! lol

So I'm going to enjoy the weekend, exercise free now & recover. All reading for Monday's fun & games!

peauk Mon, Mar-21-11 07:17

So we are back to Monday. Tonight it is spinning for 30 mins followed by 2 miles of 3 mins run 3 mins walk, followed by half an hour on the ab's.
I got hardly any sleep last night thanks to husbands snoring & wriggling. Im finding it hard to stay awake at work and asking myself if I can summon the energy for exercise. maybe with a large dose of chocolate, hang on, thats was the old me. I best make do with coconut oil before i leave work for my energy source.
See what tiredness does, brings obn thoughts of evil chocolate!! lol

peauk Thu, Mar-24-11 04:56

Had the joys of my 2 favourite spin classes last night.
Tonight i have 45 mins of body conditioning followed by anhours body pump.
Tomorrow is personal training in the morning followed by 2 spins in the evening. If i then force my aching body to body conditioning saturday morning i may hopefully have lost an inch somewhere.

peauk Sun, Mar-27-11 03:06

So Thursday evening I did body conditioning, followed by body pump. Was a new pump routine so my triceps are still hurting & it's Sunday now! Friday morning was personal training, working mainly on the stomach, thighs & arms and 2 spin classes Friday evening.
This week I've lost an inch off my butt & can actually see a bit of a bicep forming on my arm which was previously shapeless.
Still can't get my size 10 trousers on though!

peauk Mon, Mar-28-11 14:19

Tonight I did bootcamp with my trainer & a group of his other clients. Warmed up with a spin, followed by a 2 mile run broken into 3 min sprint then 3 min power walk, followed by some abdominal work.
Running is not my forte at all, I really struggle with it!

peauk Wed, Mar-30-11 06:13

the scales are not mving for me, but ive lost an inch of my hips! YAY
I can get my size 10 trousers on and fasten them, still too tight to wear, but soon, very soon i hope to wear them!
Tonight it is double spin with my 2 fave instructors. Im going to spin my ass off, literally!!

peauk Thu, Mar-31-11 03:04

The second spin instructor was off last night (Henry)so we had Rob for both lessons. Whilst he is a nice bit of eye candy, his classes are really hard. He did the same set, for both and my legs are killing me this morning.
Ive got body conditioning and body pump booked for tonight. If my legs have not eased up by 3 today then im going to have to cnacel conditioning or i wont make it through pump!!

peauk Fri, Apr-01-11 05:56

Managed just body pump last night. I managed the whole plank set which was cool. Hurt like mad this morning. Been to personal training, run 3 miles, 20 mins ~ 160 non on cross trainer. Loads of crunches, curls & ab stuff & some punching, I love the punching!! Lol
Just got to get through 2 spin classes tonight & body conditioning tomorrow & it's Sunday rest day :)
Boy I need that this week!

peauk Fri, Apr-01-11 13:40

Just got back from 2 spin classes. Was really hot tonight. Think a hot soak in bath salts is in order or my body is going nowhere tomorrow & body conditioning is ~ 9.30am.
Sometimes I think I might be mad, then I realise Ive been mad for years!!

peauk Sat, Apr-02-11 05:58

Today was a different woman for body conditioning. I really liked her class though. The aerobic first half was really easy to follow compared to the usual woman. Uncordinated me actually looked quite good, instead of the usual going the opposite way to everyone else. The second half which was the toning bit was also better than usual. Slow & easy to follow & I know it's going to hurt tomorrow.
Oh well no pain no gain!

peauk Wed, Apr-06-11 06:10

I couldnt make Mondays exercise / running as had to help my son move flat.
Tonight is double spinning and boy am I ready for exercise!!
I did get a yoga ball at the weekend and some 2kg handweights so i have done some bits at home.
I am so looking forwards to spinning tonight though. :)

peauk Wed, Apr-06-11 14:34

Was totally boiling in spinning tonight. The second class the instructor is the guy I do my personal training with & tonight he had a cd with music on I'd copied for him. In return for this he spent the whole class shouting at me to PUSH, FASTER!
I'm so ready for my bed tonight & know my legs are going to hurt tomorrow morning!!

peauk Fri, Apr-08-11 13:26

Ran a mile this morning, then training & tonight just done 2 spin classes in boiling heat. That's got to be worth a pound loss!!
Got body conditioning in the morning. Then it's rest until Monday!!

peauk Mon, Mar-05-12 15:01

Forgot I had a gym log, it's all in my journal.
Today fast run 3/4 of a km, 45 mins spinning.
Bootcamp, weights, squats, lunges, planks, crunches, 1 hour 10 minutes.
If I forget to write here tomorrow it's boxercise for an hour :)

peauk Sat, Mar-10-12 12:20

Yep, forgot!
Tues I rested my calf muscle as I've broken it!
Weds ran 3.2km
Thurs rest
Fri spinning
Sat ran 4.1km & 1 hours personal training.
Tomorrow I shall be in agony.
No pain, no gain.

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