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Atrsy Sun, Jun-23-02 09:24

Anyone from Pennsylvania? It looks like most of the people from here don't stick around long. It would be fun to have a local buddy. I live near Harrisburg.

brandi Sat, Jun-29-02 17:01

Hello... I, too, live near Harrisburg... about 10 minutes away. :)

Danae Thu, Aug-22-02 09:42

Pennsylvania, my home state

I currently live in Nebraska. but was born and raised in
Dunbar Penna. yes i know it's alittle hick town compared
to Harrisburg, i've bin there too. but Pennsylvania is and
will always be my home ,even though i now live in Ne.

mY brouther came to visit me from Pa. about three weeks
ago. he had lost 20 lbs on Atkins, he got me started
back on the right track, I've lost about 10 pounds and plan
to stay in ketosis this time. Ifeel better allready.
Being so overweight. i have a complex about gitting
on the scale. so i plan to just stay in Atkins and maybe
when i've dropped down to a 12 , then i might git brave
and weigh in. Any one else feel that way?

maejul2002 Sat, Nov-23-02 15:37

would like to have an email buddy doing low carb from central Penn
Hello fellow central Penn low carbers.

I would be intersted in hearing from you guys and chatting about recipes and anything intersting in the low carb world. I am fairly new at this, although I have already lost about 28 pounds since July. So I quess I am doing something right. Thanks for the support. I just discovered this web site so I am still trying to figure it all out. Hang in there with me. Thanks

lucylu Sun, Dec-22-02 10:55

Hi everyone from PA. Is anyone closer to Indiana Pa? :)

Atrsy Thu, Dec-26-02 19:29

I just saw this tread resurface, so Hi to all you from Pa.

Brandi, if you're still around, Enola is very close to me.

Mae, you didn't tell us where you are from, and I'm not sure where Dunbar is.

Indiana is about 4 hours from here. I think people from Pittsburg or even WV are closer to you.

Stop by my journal and say Hi.


cgar Sat, Feb-01-03 22:13

Pittsburgh PA

I live between Pittsburgh and Indiana PA in Tarentum.

Drop me a howdy.

Cores Mon, Feb-17-03 22:36

Pgh Here
I'm from just outside Pittsburgh if there is anyone else out there near here!


Susky Fri, Apr-04-03 20:21

Hi! I'm a wet-behind-the-ears newbie here...and I'm from Mechanicsburg.

roxie19142 Mon, Apr-07-03 21:37

Hi, I'm from Philadelphia. Philly is the worst place for low-carbing-everything is carb filled. Hoagies, soft pretzels, waterice,cheese steaks. I'm getting the strangest looks when I go to the store asking for low-carb products. I'm also a south philly italian/irish girl -all meals are surrounded with carbs!! Does anybody know the best sites to order low carb products from? Or any stores where I may be lucky finding lowcarb products?
I would love to have some local PA buddies online. Support for a low carb diet is hard to find else where.

Susky Thu, Apr-10-03 18:20

Hi, roxie! I'm an Eagles season ticket holder, so I make quite a few trips down your way! (Tailgates can be very Atkins friendly!)

You can get some great stuff at the Italian Market...but you need to avoid wandering toward Pats/Genos! ;)

roxie19142 Thu, Apr-10-03 21:37


You can only eat pat's if you can eat just the steak and cheese-but's what is the fun in that? Did you get tickets for the new stadium? It looks really cool. I was at the home opener for the phillies, and you could see right in the field. my husband does the sign of the cross every time we go by it on 95 South. it's suppossed to be good luck for the eagles. yeah, i'm sure he's helping them somehow.


Susky Fri, Apr-11-03 21:27

LOL...they're going to need some help from above! ;)

Yep, I'm sitting in the new place...but the price increase almost took me (and my family of 4) out of the running.

The big worry now is where we're going to have to park to tailgate. I'm sure they won't let all the partiers locate that close to the new stadium (between the First Union Center and I-95).

roxie19142 Sat, Apr-12-03 17:36

Oh, no-i don't know if i should talk to you-are you one of those 700 level people? lol

Susky Sat, Apr-12-03 20:18

You betcha! And I can tell you that I've never personally thrown a Cowboy fan from the upper deck! ;)

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