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Lessara Mon, Apr-22-02 10:58

Northern New England
Calling all those from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts!
I'm looking for LCers who wouldn't mind meeting once in a while as well as local penpals.
I'm from Manchester, New Hampshire.

Elihnig Mon, May-27-02 06:14

I think we had this conversation before, but this summer I'm willing to come south to meet with you. Sometime in June maybe? We could meet in Portland or a town in New Hampshire, I've got to dig out my map.


heket Sat, Aug-17-02 21:58

I'm in MA and I'd *love* to get together!
Hi Lessara and Beth,

I'm new to the group and a new LCer (since 7/22/02). I live in MA, just outside of Boston. I'm a SAHM of two (6 and 7), 46 years old, originally from San Francisco (moved here in June, 96).

I'd love to get together with you and other LCers in the area whenever! It's great to finally connect with other people who have seen the WOE light. Just let me know when you want to compare calendars and set a date and place. I'd be happy to make the drive.

If anyone has a dog, it might also be fun to bring them along and meet at a place where they can play together. I've got a 5-month old black flat-coated retriever named Geo.

Looking forward to hearing from you ... heket ... :daze:

nfnitedawn Thu, Aug-29-02 05:21

Nashua here.. practically neighbors!
Hi Lessara!! I've read your posts and I did notice you mentioned NH.. .and I've been curious how close we are, and when I read this post.. WOW!! We are very close!! I would love to get in contact with you and see what we can do, I'm pretty much by myself doing this, and knowing someone else dedicated to this way of life and the daily up and downs would be so wonderful!!! Email me and let me know what you think, I am all for it!! Looking forward to talking with you soon!
Have a wonderful peaceful day :angel:

Karla Thu, Aug-29-02 08:14


Sounds like a good idea! I'm about half an hour from the NH border in north central MA. Maybe we could meet near the border, like Lowell?


DarkLotus Thu, Aug-29-02 08:32

I am in North Chelmsford. Count me in too! There are a bunch of low carbers on who are getting a group together too. Maybe we can all get together :D I have toy pomeranian I could bring to yip at everyone :p

Jade Fri, Aug-30-02 19:53

Hi There!
I am here in New Hampshire, too! Rochester, which is about 45 minutes away. I am still pretty new to this, but am definitely going low carb for the long haul :-P

Ravens Mon, Sep-09-02 08:51

Heket, I see you are a Mac user, so am I, have the new flatpanel iMac with the DVD burner, etc. Love it, also have an older Tangerine iMac which still does just fine.

Hi all, I am from Portland, Maine, nice to "see" others from New England.

teddi-4 Mon, Sep-23-02 13:46

Hi Beth
Ahhhh Machais ... blueberry barrens and salt air. Visited there a number of years ago. Loved it. Almost moved there probably 10 years ago, actually East Machais. Hubby could not find work. I know there is not much up there but it sure is beautiful. What brought you to the Machais area? Are you a native Mainer?

Ravens Mon, Sep-23-02 17:02

Dark Lotus,
Hi, I have a Pomeranian too. You say yours is a toy? How much does it weigh? Mine is overweight, ony a little over a year and a half old. I am here in Portland,Maine.

DarkLotus Tue, Sep-24-02 06:22

She's about 7 pounds, five years old, and she's spoiled rotten. :D All my pics seem to be too big to post.

Cano Thu, Nov-21-02 10:28

Dover NH here! Just moved here from WV and still in the beginning stages of weight loss. Would love a support group. :)

DarkLotus Thu, Nov-21-02 10:37

Welcome Cano, nobody on this board seems to get together to meet up, I wish we did and hope we do. The group that I mentioned up above does get together and we so far have met in NH and Northern MA and it's a blast. Most of us are in northern MA & southern NH. There's a tentative get together next Friday, check out the New England Low Carb Connection thread on the site I mentioned if you're interested! :wave:

Cano Thu, Nov-21-02 10:40

Thanks for the info Dark!

Cano Thu, Nov-21-02 11:24

Looks Great Dark! I still have the: "You do not have permission to access this page" to post but as soon as I do I will introduce myself. I am Cano there also. Count me in on the get together. Didn't see where or when yet. Thanks again!

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