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wabi_sabi Wed, Aug-13-03 20:09

BROWN Sugar Substitute
Hi Guys,

Any idea if we can get a brown sugar substitute here. If so, any idea what it's called and where I might get it?


Rosebud Thu, Aug-14-03 06:59

Hi Wabi,

I'm not aware of any brown sugar substitute that is available here. :(

My suggestion is to find a friendly Canadian who might be prepared to send you some Brown Sugar Twin. You could perhaps send them some Splenda tablets in exchange, as they don't have the tablets there. :)

Sugar Twin comes in white and brown and, like Splenda, can be used in cooking. I find all AS to be a bit yuck, yet when they are combined, the flavour not only improves immensely, you only need the amount you'd otherwise use. (Yes, I have been sent some Sugar twin. ;) )

Good luck!


jordy05 Thu, Aug-14-03 20:27

wow,,, lucky for me,, my brother-in-laws brother lives in canada,,,,,, looks like a phone call for me tonight... will he accept a collect call,,LOL

katticus Mon, Aug-18-03 21:18

LOL that reminds me of my friend who introduced me to Atkins, her husband is going on an extended business trip that includes America, as part of his penance for being away so long he has to take a spare suitcase and go low-carb shopping LOL!!! I happen to know Brown Sugar Twin is on his shopping list.

I wish my hubby had to go to America frequently! My boss does but I think getting him to bring back low-carb stuff every trip might be stretching the friendship considerably!!!

Katt :roll:

wabi_sabi Mon, Aug-18-03 23:39

Thanks for the advice Rosebud (et. al)!

Fortunately, my bf is in Canada for another couple of months. Now, it's just a matter of reminding him to go to the store!

Karen Tue, Aug-19-03 01:06

You can use Splenda and a good quality caramel extract for the brown sugar taste.
I happen to know Brown Sugar Twin is on his shopping list.
The right kind of Sugar Twin - made with cyclamates - is only available in Canada, not in the USA.


jordy05 Tue, Aug-19-03 22:24

now that splenda and caramel flavour extract sounds like a go,,,, funny being a chef in my daily job has really not helped very much with the LC cooking,,, like i am starting from scratch again,,, but gee I have some good recipes i will post one day for all the aussies out there!! bye all

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