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maral427 Sun, Aug-05-18 08:47

South beach diet exercise accountability
Hello everyone! Starting this thread to get moving!! Anyone want to join me? Doesn't matter the type of exercise. Please post below!!!

maral427 Sun, Aug-05-18 20:05

Taebo 30 minutes

maral427 Tue, Aug-07-18 06:43

Taebo 30 minutes

Walking 75 minutes

maral427 Wed, Aug-08-18 20:44

Zumba 35 minutes

maral427 Wed, Aug-08-18 20:53

I've been finding a lot of great stuff on you tube! They have absolutely everything on there!! From spinning classes to yoga!! All is free!! I did zumb a tonight from YouTube and I had so much fun. I signed up for a gym that is opening up.nearby but it is not opening until the end of the month. This has been a great way to burn calories. Hopefully it will pay off when I weigh in sunday

maral427 Mon, Aug-13-18 17:39

Walk.away the pounds 43 minutes 3 miles

maral427 Tue, Aug-14-18 16:17

Walking 65 minutes

maral427 Wed, Aug-15-18 19:31

Walking 62 minutes

maral427 Thu, Aug-16-18 14:04

Elliptical 45 minutes 8/16

janetkind Thu, Aug-16-18 14:17

Walked 4 miles. Last lap joged.

janetkind Fri, Aug-17-18 13:42

walked 7 miles

maral427 Fri, Aug-17-18 16:24

Janet you are doing fantastic!! Good job on your workouts!

55 minutes walking

janetkind Fri, Aug-17-18 18:50

you are doing great also.55 mins.walking.

maral427 Sun, Aug-19-18 10:44

Going to set a goal this week to work out 5-6 times out of 7. Next week my nearest planet fitness opens up. PlAn on trying to get to the fitness center at work during the week.

maral427 Sun, Aug-19-18 20:34

Walking 46 minutes

1 out of six workouts this week done!!

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